• Electric and Gas Network Design

    Dynamic design for distribution

Electric and Gas Network Design Solution

Accelerate utilities network design with smart design tools in a geospatial environment that dynamically creates an intelligent network model as you design. Increase operations efficiency when you share the intelligent model with operational systems and publish it across the enterprise, ensuring everyone from customer service to field technicians have accurate as-built records.
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  • Analyze and visualize utilities networks

    • Use GIS tools to create buffers, overlays, joins, thematic maps, dynamic labels, reports, and queries. Perform radial, upstream/downstream, shortest/multiple/redundant path traces for flow, conduit, and cathodic protection networks. Analyze and report on leaks for an area or the entire network.
  • Design electric distribution networks

    • Layout your primary, secondary, and public lighting networks. Achieve engineering-grade precision with MicroStation-based smart placement and editing. Design above- and below-ground network assets with detailed models of conduits and their cables. Define rules to ensure designs adhere to standards.
  • Design gas distribution networks

    • Layout main and service pipe networks as well as cathodic protection networks. Achieve engineering-grade precision with MicroStation-based smart placement and editing. Export layouts to other Bentley products to model and analyze the performance of your network design.
  • Estimate material and work costs

    • Get real-time cost feedback on each design decision through dynamic cost estimates. Create detailed cost breakdowns of labor, materials, and equipment at each work location and for the entire design. Compare costs of design alternatives to find the least-cost design meeting the project requirements.
  • Integrate with work management systems

    • Integrate design work with enterprise-level planning to avoid budget and schedule issues. Configure a two-way connection with the most common enterprise work management systems. Use standard message-based interfaces to implement and maintain the integration with less effort.
  • Manage design workflows and approvals

    • Create, assign, manage, and approve work orders in stand-alone mode or through integration with your work management system. Define dashboards and reports to help managers track project status and progress. Avoid delays with automatic status updates, approval requests, and e-mail integration.
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    Electric Network Engineer

    Gas Network Engineer

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