• Corridor Mapping and Analysis

    Explore and oversee infrastructure corridors

Corridor Mapping and Analysis Solution

The maintenance and management of corridors for utilities and transportation assets is critical for infrastructure projects.  By utilizing applications for data acquisition, creating terrain models, and analyzing geospatial information, you can optimize the lifecycle of your corridor. You can easily use our solution to evaluate the relationship and physical locations of all terrain, vegetation, and existing infrastructure and share information across the team. The result is improved project outcomes. 
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  • Acquire and incorporate field data

    • ​Easily incorporate existing project terrain data, using industry standard formats, which you can utilize in the creation of base mapping, digital terrain models, and reference data. Many field data types can be used in their raw state, or they can be converted into other formats that applications can easily consume.
  • Analyze corridors

    • Analyze corridors for infrastructure to determine optimal routing based on a variety of criteria. Determine actual as-built field conditions using point clouds and imagery. Assess ongoing conditions such vegetation encroachment and changes in surrounding infrastructure. Perform spatial analysis to determine taxing jurisdiction, evaluate adherence to government regulations, evaluate risk, and a range of other applications.
  • Conduct spatial analysis and generate reports

    • Generate reports from a variety of ways including queries, spatial analysis, multiple feature selection and thematic mapping. Minimize the amount of time necessary to find information from your geospatial data and georeferenced information using open-ended and streamlined queries.
  • Create corridor geometric design

    • Create both horizontal and vertical geometry to meet your corridor design criteria. Work with simple points and lines or a complex combination of lines, curves, and spirals for horizontal geometry. Create and modify any type of geometric design.
  • Integrate engineering, geospatial, and operational data

    • Integrate graphical and non–graphical data sources into one interface. Leverage data sources ranging from DGN, SHP, TAB, DWG, raster images, and information from Bentley products to information in relational databases, including Esri File Geodatabase, Oracle Spatial, and Microsoft SQL Server Spatial.
  • Manage geospatial information

    • ​Overcome the challenge of managing, collaborating on, and sharing geospatial and related data in a federated environment by combining map-based interface with project, document, and workflow management capabilities. Navigate and retrieve content based on specific locations in a controlled and secure way.
  • Process and visualize large point clouds

    • Work with and visualize huge datasets with billions of points with high-performance display. Visualize point clouds with a wide range of fully blendable shading options to enable easier visual interpretation.​
  • Process raster images

    • Use raster processing to add visualization and context to your infrastructure projects. Take advantage of immediate editing of raster data to improve the quality of your project deliverables. Lower costs associated with data maintenance by readily using legacy raster drawings in your workflow.
  • Publish maps

    • Take advantage of high-performance publishing of geospatial data to integrate a variety of data sources, author and administer websites, and maximize the value of your geospatial information within custom browser presentations.
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