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    Communications Tower Design and Analysis

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Communications Tower Design and Analysis Solution

Resilient communications tower design is essential for the safety and longevity of communications towers. The Communications Tower Design and Analysis solution helps ensure optimal tower performance through efficient design and analysis of the tower sites and structures. You can design and analyze complex communications towers with confidence to ensure compliance with industry design codes. Our solutions also provide for the design and documentation of network equipment and fiber connections at tower sites. 

Monopole, self-supporting, and guyed communication towers can be designed through physical modeling and parametric tools. You can define loads and simulate the conditions that will occur during the life of the communications tower to assure engineering integrity. Wind, ice, and seismic loads following the TIA and other standard reference load codes can be applied. 

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  • Calculate ice loads

    • Perform structural wind ice load calculations, including any appurtenances located on the structure. Calculate the effective ice area for structure and ancillaries required for force calculations based on the desired ice thickness.
  • Design foundations to international standards

    • Design a wide variety of foundations, from simple spread footings to complicated mats and specialized machinery pads. Complete your designs with confidence thanks to extensive support of international standards.
  • Model communications towers

    • Perform comprehensive analysis and design of monopoles (tapered and straight), self-supporting (three leg and four leg) and guyed towers (three leg and four leg), and communication towers through physical modeling and parametric tools, ensuring minimum user interaction. Easily attach components and generate wind, ice, and seismic loads following TIA codes and IS codes along with other standard reference loads.
  • Produce steel fabrication drawings

    • Produce drawings for every steel shape, connection, and plate-work from the 3D model. Easily create comprehensive single-part drawings including dimensions, notes, labels, and part lists. Customize drawings to adhere to your company’s standards for all your structural steel projects. Any out-of-date drawings are automatically updated based on changes to the 3D model.
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  • gINT Logs
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    gINT Logs

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  • gINT Professional
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    gINT Professional

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  • ProjectWise Edge
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    ProjectWise Edge

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