• Communications Network Design and Analysis

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Communications Network Design and Analysis Solution

Speed network design and accuracy of your inside and outside plant for fiber, hybrid fiber-coax, and other types of telecommunications networks in a geospatial environment that creates an intelligent network model as you design. Increase operations efficiency when you share the intelligent model with operations support systems and publish it across the enterprise, ensuring everyone from customer service to field technicians have accurate as-built records.
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  • Access network model in the field

    • ​Provide your field staff with accurate network maps, inside plant diagrams, and equipment records. A seamless map interface allows field staff to pan and zoom quickly to any part of the network model. A workflow that does not require a local database or server connection assures affordable, anytime access.
  • Create network schematics, diagrams, and reports

    • ​Publish precise documents directly from your intelligent network model. Support field work with network traces, facility diagrams, vault schematics, and more. Create bills of materials and other reports for a project, service area, or facility. Configure reports to print or import to other systems.
  • Design and document inside plant

    • ​Use templates, design rules, and equipment libraries to quickly design headends, points of presence, central offices, and other sites. Create automatic bills of material, connection, wire run, circuit, and other reports. Integrate with your outside plant designs to model the end-to-end network.
  • Design copper networks

    • ​Design and analyze copper networks on existing landbase or by incorporating a developer's plan. Capture count information in a GUI that checks logical counts and keeps a running tally of cable sheath counts as information is entered. Generate bills of material data, loop make-up reports, and terminal serving addresses.
  • Design fiber networks

    • ​Design all requisite fiber architectures including FTTx. Leverage tools to support wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing, as well as splicing and network tracing. Perform circuit allocation and bandwidth management on an individual fiber basis. Route and manage conduit within duct systems.
  • Design hybrid fiber-coax networks

    • ​Model all equipment, connections, and signal performance from the physical fiber port at the headend to the coax port at the subscriber. Leverage precision layout tools, a rich GIS environment, and real-time design verification to complete projects up to three times faster than competing solutions.
  • Integrate with OSS and enterprise systems

    • ​Expedite and improve accuracy in provisioning, customer service, and other operational workflows by sharing the intelligent end-to-end network model maintained in your communications GIS. Achieve integration through open industry standard databases and supporting APIs.
  • Manage communications design workflows

    • ​Enable designers, contractors, and managers to fulfill and track work orders per your company practices. Create and assign work orders natively or through integration with your work management system. Get an instant view and notifications of pending, in-progress, past-due, and complete work orders.
  • Prepare work prints

    • Create multi-page work prints according to telecommunications industry standards. Capture facility placement details, bills of material data, loop make-up reports, work steps, and contract work information during the design process. Generate permit drawings directly from engineering work prints. Validate against configurable business and engineering rules to minimize duplication of data and ensure accuracy.
  • Review and approve communications designs

    • ​Get automatic alerts of work orders awaiting review. Use links in the work order to quickly access and review design files. Approve designs or reject with remarks in the work order and markups on the design drawing. Optionally publish approved designs to your enterprise work management system.
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