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Communications GIS Solution

Intelligent geospatial network models are crucial for the efficient operation of your communications networks.  Maintain, manage, analyze, and publish intelligent network models, maps, and related data with a GIS solution for desktop, web, and mobile devices. The Communications GIS solution is designed to work with the intelligent models built with the Communications Network Design and Analysis solution and can also import and reference data in many other common formats.  Consolidate the management of all your inside and outside plant networks in a common environment.
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  • Create network schematics, diagrams, and reports

    • ​Publish precise documents directly from your intelligent network model. Support field work with network traces, facility diagrams, vault schematics, and more. Create bills of materials and other reports for a project, service area, or facility. Configure reports to print or import to other systems.
  • Integrate with OSS and enterprise systems

    • ​Expedite and improve accuracy in provisioning, customer service, and other operational workflows by sharing the intelligent end-to-end network model maintained in your communications GIS. Achieve integration through open industry standard databases and supporting APIs.
  • Manage communications network models, maps, and records

    • ​Employ a full-featured communications GIS to manage and maintain communications network models and maps. Manage and geospatially reference proposed, in progress, and as-built engineering documentation to connect all relevant content required to ensure delivery of reliable information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Publish and analyze network, model, maps, and records

    • ​Create secure Web applications to share and access your intelligent network model. Configure search, locate, review, trace, outage analysis, and report tools to support any business workflow. Combine your network model with many types of data such as DGNs, DWGs, imagery, and more.
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    ProjectWise Design Integration

    Accelerate information worksharing and content reuse for multi-discipline design coordination and collaboration.

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  • Bentley Coax
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    Design and document your coaxial network faster in Bentley Coax. Produce verified layouts quickly in a seamless engineering and open GIS environment.

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    Communications Network Engineer

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