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Advanced Work Packaging Solution

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is an industry best practice that begins during early project planning and spans the entire project lifecycle. AWP aligns engineering, procurement and construction to improve overall project performance by filling the gap between what design creates and what construction needs to execute work. Gain visibility into project details by supplementing design models with schedule resource, and construction related information. Your projects will benefit from better craft resource utilization, increased predictability, and lowered cost and risk to your project schedules. You can realize improvements in productivity of 25% and reduce your total install costs by 10% using AWP techniques.
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  • Conduct Advanced Work Packaging

    • ​Visualize and interact with your virtual construction models to organize engineering components into construction work areas and construction work packages. Coordinate planning for work priorities and installation sequencing.
  • Visualize engineering data in the construction model

    • ​Incorporate engineering data such as models, drawings, materials lists, labor requirements, and procurement records in a virtual construction model. Use standard data transfer interfaces to ensure completeness and data quality.
  • Review engineering and construction status reports and dashboards

    • Know the status of your project by monitoring key performance indicators with a graphical project dashboard. Generate informative reports so you can plan work based on resource and material availability. Even track contractor performance with clear accountability.
  • Simulate 4D construction schedule sequencing

    • ​Gain further insight into your construction activities by connecting project schedules and virtual construction models. Use visualizations to better understand sequencing to avoid costly errors. With a clear understanding of the construction path you can maximize safety while meeting schedule requirements.
Advanced Work Packaging

Improve your project performance with Advanced Work Packaging.

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