• Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.

    New Toyota Factory

    Tianjin, China

Project Summary

The USD 170 million factory construction project, which includes joint workshops covering more than 26,000 square meters, will mainly be used for producing important parts for more than ten types of automobiles. It is expected to reach an annual output of USD 320 million after completion. Given the intricate pipelines and complex construction requirements, the preliminary 2D design was inefficient, causing problems with material estimates, pipeline interferences, onsite changes, and construction delays. To overcome these issues and ensure efficient communication among a multi-disciplined, geographically dispersed team, Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. needed an integrated 3D modeling solution.

Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. used Bentley software to design a comprehensive 3D digital factory model enabling the team to perform interference analysis, simulate construction progress, and share real-time information among the stakeholders and project team. With Bentley’s 3D modeling, analysis, and simulation tools, the team could accurately estimate material costs and determine pipeline interferences prior to construction, avoiding costly onsite construction changes. Using ProjectWise to share design files electronically simplified the design process and ensured efficient collaboration.

Working in a 3D modeling environment optimized design and construction of the factory, saving more than USD 470,000 on repeated construction costs. Implementing clash detection and problem analysis during the design phase saved USD 240,000 in material costs. Simulating construction progress ensured sequencing and efficient work distribution, maximizing construction space and shortening construction time by more than eight weeks. Using ProjectWise accelerated accurate, electronic information sharing, improving work efficiency by 80% and reducing travel expenses by approximately USD 117,000.

Using MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, Bentley Architecture (now AECOsim Building Designer), and Bentley PlantSpace, Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. created a 3D digital factory model and performed data analysis, clash detection, and construction simulation to accurately quantify materials and estimate construction costs. ProjectWise facilitated collaboration among six geographically dispersed, multi-lingual organizations sharing more than 2000 files and 5 gigabytes of project data. Bentley’s collaborative and interoperable tools provided an integrated 3D modeling environment, improving work efficiency, saving significant time, and reducing project costs.
  • Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. optimized the design and construction of its largest parts factory in China using Bentley’s 3D modeling, analysis, and collaboration tools, saving USD 470,000 in repeated construction costs and reducing construction time by more than eight weeks.
  • Using Bentley technology for accurate construction simulation maximized construction space and reduced material costs by USD 240,000.
  • ProjectWise accelerated information sharing among the project team and stakeholders located in multiple cities, working in different languages, improving work efficiency by 80%.