• Southern Company

    Engineering Metrics – Retrofit Projects

    Bucks, Alabama, United States

Project Summary


The goal of this USD 107 million project for Southern Company was to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations ahead of mandates to reduce emissions from five major coal-fired units at the James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant. The coal- and natural gas-fired electrical generation facility required various equipment upgrades, injection processes, and conversions to natural gas. Southern Company tasked Engineering Metrix to complete the work with limited time and resources.


Each plant was configured differently, so the engineering team needed to design each retrofit to meet unique challenges. Using the latest power engineering technologies with full ProjectWise and AutoPLANT integration helped to reduce costs and limit environmental impact. Efficient workflows were achieved when each engineering design discipline defined the required data, data format, discipline responsible for generating data, and the point in the workflow when data was required.


Southern Company was able to reduce project delivery time and costs by taking advantage of the efficiencies provided by ProjectWise. Each engineering discipline assumed responsibility for the required project data and workflow, so attribution and workflow states provided a means to evaluate time and costs for the project. The analytics helped to improve the design process, planning, and execution.


The ability to quickly and efficiently model structural design concepts and maintain analytical models within ProjectWise enabled engineers to evaluate the viability of structures. AutoPLANT’s integration with ProjectWise provided real-time connectivity and database integrity. Twice daily automatic generation of a fully integrated model in Navisworks enabled design reviews without manual input.

  • Designing the facilities from multiple perspectives challenged the full capability of the design tools.
  • Using data hubs and ProjectWise to track components and design deliverables provided increased efficiency.
  • Risk was reduced by using procedures, processes, and safety training. Engineering safety was a core value of the design process.
  • "Bentley software helps my group be more efficient. ProjectWise is one place for all my drawing and source documents."

    Stephen Kimble Engineer, SR, SCS Design Electrical Retrofits BH Southern Company