Severn Trent Water Ltd

    EToN 6 – Technology in Street Works

    Midlands, United Kingdom

Project Summary

Severn Trent Water provides drinking water to 7.4 million people and waste services to 8.5 million people. To meet the new U.K. Electronic Transfer of Notifications (EToN 6) regulatory requirements, the company needed to develop an asset management solution for 1,000 key business users. The solution would enable the company to avoid hefty penalties and charges from 36 highway authorities in its operating area and send 330,000 compliant notices to the highway authority.

To ensure compliance Severn Trent Water used Exor to provide two-way exchange from a central base (23 people) to field mobile devices and contract portal interfaces (six departments and 1,000 indirect users). The system enables collaboration and aligns assets for end-to-end asset management.

Thanks to having a fully compliant EToN system, Severn Trent Water avoided penalties in excess of GBP 6 million while ensuring customer service, regulatory compliance, and social responsibility. The Exor solution and its interoperability with Severn Trent Water’s core systems allowed the agency to decommission hardware, which reduced ongoing operational costs.

The Exor solution delivers efficient management of street works. The newest feature of Exor introduced web-based transactions, which enabled Severn Trent Water to reduce its carbon footprint based on more efficient data storage.

  • The Exor solution with Severn Trent Water asset management interface minimized operational costs and prevented significant penalties and charges.

  • The company avoided hefty penalties and charges from 36 highway authorities in its operating area and sent 330,000 compliant notices to the highway authority.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley's commitment to work collaboratively with the Severn Trent Water project team delivered a compliant street works asset management solution on time and under budget.”

    Anita Solanki TMA Standards & Strategy Manager Severn Trent Water, Ltd.