• SA Water

    Predictive and Operational Analytics Tools, Adelaide Metro Water Distribution Network

    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Project Summary

    • SA Water designs innovative Decision Support Tools program using  AssetWise Amulet

The North South Interconnection System Project (NSISP) linking Adelaide’s northern and southern water zones delivered SA Water a highly integrated water supply network allowing water from six water treatment plants to be constantly reconfigured and supplied to customers from different sources. To manage operational costs and optimize decision making that would impact water supply security for this new, complex AUD 400 million network, SA Water needed to integrate, process, and forecast information from disparate sources and display the information intuitively.


SA Water designed and implemented a ground-breaking Decision Support Tools (DST) program to integrate information, enhance decision-making, and reduce costs to ensure optimal operation of the water network. With AssetWise 4D Analytics as the foundation for DST, SA Water managed all network information through one portal, had access to real-time operational and predictive analytics to understand current and future activity across the network, and could make the most informed decisions regarding water supply operations.


As the basis for the DST program, AssetWise 4D analytics saved SA Water AUD 3 million in electricity costs alone from 2013 to 2014. AssetWise 4D Analytics energy portfolio management spot-market power price tool enabled SA Water to determine optimal timing for pumping operations on five large pipelines for additional cost savings. With optimized plumbing and treatment plant operations, SA Water reduced operational costs by AUD 400,000 over six months, and expect to see additional savings as more refined data becomes available. Having all information in a single portal enhanced collaboration and facilitated more informed decisions for optimal water supply security and operations.


SA Water used AssetWise 4D Analytics predictive and operational analytics tools to collate information from a wide range of sources, to perform calculations, and to determine and predict the impact of operational decisions. This maximized operational efficiency while increasing the opportunity for cost savings. The network status display tool brought asset management, geographic information system, water quality, billing, and meteorology data into one portal enabling fully informed decisions. In addition, SA Water utilized the energy portfolio management tool for real-time access to power prices to understand the impact of electricity costs upon the water network.
  • As part of the AUD 400 million NSISP, AssetWise Amulet provided the foundation for SA Water’s DST program, which enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs by over AUD 3 million.
  • Using AssetWise Amulet, SA Water accessed real-time information in a single portal to determine and predict the impact of operational decisions on water supply security and costs.
  • Using an integrated information management system for analysis and decision-making proved to be a valuable cost savings opportunity and operational investment for SA Water.
  • “Amulet…makes a big difference to the way we organize our network and how effectively we can operate.”

    Steve McMichael manager of production planning SA Water