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    Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Facilities Development Division

    Sustainability in Information Management through CIM

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

Project Summary

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest science and energy laboratory with a history dating back to the Manhattan Project, is challenged with managing significant amounts of complex engineering information. As part of a USD 500 million modernization effort for integrating new and legacy information, ORNL needed to federate and consolidate vital campus information, generated in a variety of formats and stored in disparate information management systems, into one reliable location.

To improve the accessibility, reliability, and sustainability of campus engineering information, ORNL leveraged Bentley technology to store and distribute the information through their own initiative known as Campus Information Modeling (CIM) that looks to converge GIS and spatial data. The CIM program leverages Bentley ProjectWise’s geospatial capabilities and enables ORNL to manage MicroStation, Bentley Map, and Bentley i-model files, along with Microsoft Office files, PDFs and other engineering data. The interoperability of Bentley software provided ORNL the tools and platform to implement an efficient CIM management system.

ORNL’s CIM effort facilitated a sustainable information management system improving accessibility and reliability of assets, and automating the distribution of updated campus information. It resulted in more efficient information retrieval and decreased the potential of overlooking engineering data when planning or performing field work. By integrating new and legacy information into one federated location, ORNL reduced costs and potential safety issues associated with encountering unexpected conditions.

ORNL relied on ProjectWise’s geospatial capabilities allowing users to search for and retrieve documents through a map interface by linking drawings and documents to a point on a map where they can sort and navigate the information. Bentley Map enabled ORNL to integrate various data formats into one simplified view to query metadata, while Bentley Geo Web Publisher provided a portal for integrating and viewing select embedded information. All updated information is distributed automatically through ProjectWise. Bentley’s interoperable and integrated software facilitated the success of ORNL’s CIM initiative.
  • As part of a USD 500 million modernization effort, ORNL used Bentley’s interoperable software to integrate new and legacy information into one location for more efficient retrieval, and automate distribution of updated information.
  • Leveraging Bentley technology to store and distribute the information facilitated ORNL’s CIM efforts, improving accessibility, reliability, and sustainability of campus engineering information.