• NTT Data (Texas DOT Support)

    Leveraging Texas DOT Google Imagery with Bentley Solutions

    Austin, Texas, United States

Project Summary


The goal of the Google Imagery project was to provide higher resolution imagery for use by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). As the IT Support organization for TxDOT, NTT Data identified imagery that was available to the users of Esri’s GIS products and developed a solution that would make the images available to MicroStation users, as well.


Initially, the project appeared to be an initiative that would benefit only Esri users at TxDOT, but NTT Data developed an innovative process that leveraged MicroStation’s geospatial capabilities to make the imagery available to an additional 3,000 MicroStation users. This has enabled MicroStation users to import high-resolution imagery into their roadway designs.


The Google images that were previously available only as image files are now available as a service. Using the high-resolution images reduces the time that TxDOT staff spend in the field, which saves money and enhances safety. The Google images are used in roadway design, for developing asset inventories, to determine compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, in the study of environmental impacts, and for other purposes.


MicroStation’s geospatial capabilities made it possible to transform the Google imagery into a format that can be easily accessed on the Bentley platform. This broadened the user base from just Esri users to both Esri and Bentley users.

  • TxDOT can use the Google imagery in roadway design, asset inventories, and other applications.
  • Business and government entities can use the imagery for various purposes, such as environmental studies.
  • Public access to the Google imagery enables its use for recreational purposes such as hiking and biking.