• WTorre Morumbi

    Medabil Sistemas Construtivos S.A.

    WTorre Morumbi

    São Paulo, Brazil

Project Summary


Medabil Sistemas Construtivos (Medabil) was contracted to design the WTorre Morumbi building in the fastest growing business region of São Paulo, Brazil. With two 38-floor towers interconnected by five sky bridges spanning up to 35 meters, the innovative design required two structural systems for horizontal stability and absorption of gravitational loads. To accommodate the geometry and positioning of the suspended walkways, and determine solutions for the reinforced concrete core providing lateral stability and metal structural work supporting the bridge spaces, Medabil needed accurate, collaborative modeling, engineering, and analysis tools. 


Using RAM software, Medabil implemented a BIM methodology to develop the entire project. The multi-discipline project team performed and validated calculations for both the metal and reinforced concrete components, and developed numerous computer models for the design of the walkways to determine the optimal overall structural solution. To hoist and mount the 60- to 150-ton walkways over 40 meters high within the spatial confines of the towers, Medabil employed a system that could lift, and then rotate each structure upon reaching its final position.


Using RAM in an integrated BIM environment allowed the team to make comparative studies in record time and ensured a fast and secure flow of information. Exporting the RAM model for structural calculation of the building into SDS/2 reduced basic and detailed design by 65 percent. During each analysis, the team rationalized materials to optimize the overall value of the project and reduce project costs by approximately 50 percent. By optimizing the project work schedule, Medabil minimized operating costs.


Given the complex building geometry of WTorre Morumbi, RAM was instrumental in streamlining new and unconventional structural solutions based on overall cost. The team relied on RAM to perform and validate calculations for the metal works and reinforced concrete, review and analyze solutions, and make quick and accurate comparative studies. The interoperability of RAM with the SRS/2 detailing program enhanced the design process, ensuring a fast and secure flow of information. Bentley’s collaborative engineering software enabled Medabil to develop an innovative, cost-effective solution for building multiple-floor buildings in Brazil. 

  • Medabil demonstrated a differentiated, efficient, and cost-effective approach to designing and building the innovative WTorre Morumbi, seeking LEED Silver certification.
  • Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable software enabled Medabil to increase ROI, reducing design time by 65 percent and project costs by an estimated 50 percent.
  • The ability to integrate the RAM structural model for calculation with the SRS/2 detailing program facilitated comparative studies and ensured an efficient, secure flow of information.
  • Medabil designed Brazil’s WTorre Morumbi with two 38-floor towers interconnected by five suspended walkways using BIM methodology and Bentley’s RAM technology to streamline structural solutions based on overall cost.
  • “The RAM software played a key role in streamlining these solutions based on overall cost. Through its easy interface and the great ability to review solutions, we could make comparative studies in record time. Its interface with the detailing program added a lot of quality to the process, ensuring a fast and secure flow of information.”

    Marcos Banhato Engineer Medabil Sistemas Construtivos