• Manila Water Company

    Boracay Island Water and Wastewater Master Plan

    Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines

Project Summary


Manila Water Company wanted a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated master plan for water and wastewater that would facilitate capital investment and help them meet business and regulatory commitments for Boracay. Water coverage for the island, a popular tourist destination, was 60 percent, and water supply was available 95 percent of the time – metrics the company wanted to increase to 100 percent while preserving natural resources. Manila Water needed to review current network capacity and growth of development, augment and expand the system to support future development, and schedule capital investments. 


Using Bentley software, planners aggregated massive and diverse data sources (including GIS files), visually analyzed the likely development on the island, and determined the best strategy to supply water to the island while minimizing environmental impacts. The team then planned how to implement the plan given the construction constraints and generated simplified plans to share with stakeholders. 


The planning team created a master plan for ensuring prudent, cost-effective and timely delivery of capital investments that will meet the island’s current and future needs for water and wastewater management. This plan supports the goals of government agencies, encourages investment for a globally competitive tourism industry, and enables sustainable development and utilization of natural resources.


Bentley solutions significantly simplified the preparation of the master plan. Because the GIS data was compatible with WaterGEMS and SewerGEMS, it was easy to plot survey information as it became available and to see the actual site in comparison to initial plan assumptions. In addition, the software produced visual reports to communicate issues with stakeholders and information mobility, allowing the project team to share information with remote team members.

  • Manila Water Company was able to increase water coverage and achieve 24-hour water availability, leading to growth in billed volume of about 115 percent. This increased revenue by 80 percent from 2010 to 2013.
  • Calibrating the water system using WaterGEMS helped Manila Water Company identify water losses, reducing NRW from 29 percent in 2010 to 17 percent in 2014.
  • “Bentley solutions enable planners, builders, and investors make informed and sound decisions through its multi-functional tools that are very capable of properly simulating optimum solutions and communicating results that can be shared across stakeholders, to keep up with the needs of ever increasing developments in Boracay while preserving the beauty of its white sand beaches and rich marine life.”

    John Bautista hydraulic engineer Manila Water Company