• London Underground Ltd.

    Bond Street to Baker Street Tunnel Remediation Project

    London, England, United Kingdom

Project Summary


This GBP 34 million project required London Underground Ltd. (LUL) to safely replace the existing expanded concrete lining with a spheroidal graphite iron lining on a 215-meter tunnel segment along the Jubilee Line, while maintaining railway operations. To allow normal passenger activity throughout the relining process required construction to be performed at night, during a two-and-a-half hour window, and materials to be transported to and from the worksite nightly. LUL needed an integrated modeling and analysis approach to complete the relining safely and efficiently, minimizing time, costs, noise vibration, and environmental impact.


To keep the railway fully operational while relining the tunnel, the team utilized train-mounted segment handling plants to mechanically replace the lining, and transport materials and workers to and from the worksite nightly. Leveraging Bentley software, LUL initiated an integrated infrastructure design and workflow process in a common data environment. This process ensured production of  a geospatially accurate, fully coordinated 3D model, facilitating collaboration, enhancing decision making, and improving planning, design, and assurance efficiencies.


Using Bentley software, the team delivered a safe and efficient solution through the application of virtual design, and value engineering and management. Using ProjectWise to manage project content enabled the team to streamline design and assurance processes enabling collaborative modeling and improving information mobility to reduce errors, minimize risk, and ensure safety. The 3D and 4D models designed and analyzed with Bentley software contributed to stakeholder and decision-maker understanding, resulting in a 15 percent cost savings, four-month time savings, and optimal onsite construction.


ProjectWise served as the common data environment allowing engineering and planning disciplines controlled access to project data based on British standard workflows. Using Bentley Pointools enabled team members to review and share information in 2D drawings, 3D images, and 4D animation sequences. i-models and 3D PDFs were created using MicroStation and imported into Bentley Navigator to perform 4D exercises to ensure safety, and assign associated metadata to allow asset lifecycle management. The interoperability of Bentley tools helped LUL implement a cohesive design, assurance, and construction process.

  • A worldwide first, LUL maintained full tunnel operation while replacing the lining of a 215-meter tunnel segment along London’s Jubilee Line, minimizing risk, saving 15 percent in costs, and ensuring safety.
  • Leveraging Bentley’s modeling and collaboration tools, LUL implemented an integrated design process to create a geospatially accurate, fully coordinated 3D model that supported asset lifecycle information management.
  • Using Bentley technology to deliver this GBP 34 million railway project helped LUL build a cohesive team, leveraging the collective intelligence of the group to manage the inherent project uncertainties and ensure a successful, superior result.
  • Bentley software improved planning, design, and assurance efficiencies resulting in a substantial return on investment, the recycling of 92 percent of all tunnel lining removed, and the safe reuse of 77 percent of tunnel equipment assets.
  • “Bentley Systems suite of tools helped LUL build a cohesive, collaborative design, assurance and construction delivery team, allowing us to leverage the collective intelligence of the group. Their software ensured that we were able to manage uncertainties inherent in today’s complex infrastructure projects, and deliver with confidence.”

    Garry Pratt Project Manager Bond Street to Baker Street Tunnel Remediation Project, London