• Landinspektørfirmaet LE34 A/S

    Building Height Line-of-sight Restrictions from the Hermitage Palace

    Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Summary


The municipality of Lyngby Taarbaek in Copenhagen, Denmark, contacted LE34 to create guidelines for new building construction that complies with height restrictions set by the Royal Court. The task was to make sure that any buildings being constructed in or around the Dyrehaven recreational park rise no more than 28 meters and not be visible over the horizontal tree line from the Erimitageslottet hunting lodge.


To execute the DKK 20,000 project, LE34 chose to use digital surface models (DSM) produced from aerial laser scanning, which generates quality DSM point clouds that are dense and accurate. Using Bentley Map and Bentley Pointools, LE34 manipulated the DSM point clouds to allow the length and height to be measured from any point along the line of sight, providing more detailed and accurate results for the municipality.


The results show a line-of-sight view from the historic castle overlooking the grass plains, the surrounding forest, and the new building site. The visually stunning line-of-site presentation can be easily understood by average citizens, so they can see how the Royal Court’s building guidelines will preserve Dyrehaven’s unspoiled site lines. The guidelines were also presented on a map to a scale of 1:1000 height and 1:2000 length.


A traditional approach would involve classical survey methods, starting with measuring the horizontal tree line, then using ordinary trigonometry to calculate the height from the line of sight and down to ground level. The results would be presented as a sketch. Bentley Map allowed LE34 to use point-cloud data to create a DSM with more accurate, realistic views for the line-of-sight presentation.

  • The new techniques developed for this project will allow LE34 to perform similar projects much faster, and reduce future project costs.
  • Learning how to use new software such as Bentley Map allows the company to be more competitive.
  • “Thanks to Bentley Map, LE34 keeps evolving as a company, always finding new ways to use data and developing new ideas. Being one step ahead requires the best tools on the market. Bentley Map helps us survive our competitors, through more effective workflows and knowhow.”

    Andreas Kirkby Land Surveyor LE34