Project Summary


ExxonMobil retained Jacobs to install infrastructure necessary to connect its new Olefins Recovery Unit to the existing facility in Baytown, Texas. The USD 360 million NAG Project required the installation of pipe rack, piping, additional pumps, a new flare gas compressor, boiler burner modifications, and a duct burner with instrumentation and electrical. To maintain safety and reduce risk while working in the operational facility, and reach milestone completion dates, Jacobs needed clearly defined work fronts and installation work packages.


Jacobs used Bentley’s ConstructSim to implement Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning, which consistently added value to the owner by providing transparency into the project schedule and project progress. Bentley software enabled real-time data integration and data sharing, increasing project collaboration among all disciplines, and shortening the project delivery timeframe. Using lean construction principles in conjunction with ConstructSim and Bentley Navigator, Jacobs reduced project costs by facilitating correct sequence of work and verifying materials availability.


The ability to access real-time status increased collaborative problem solving. Using ConstructSim and Bentley Navigator enabled Jacobs to create a clearly defined virtual construction model—as well as plan craft density, equipment deployment, and access and egress routes—all of which contributed to maintaining safety and reducing risk.


Jacobs used Bentley Navigator and ConstructSim to provide transparency between the project owner and the EPC, facilitating true data-sharing between all disciplines, and driving consistency in work package development and reporting. iPads were used to give owners’ representatives and construction staff easy access to engineering, planning, and construction designs for true transparency into project progress. Project collaboration was increased through data integration and access to real-time status.

  • ConstructSim and Bentley Navigator allowed stakeholders to visualize project status and maintain and support the schedule in order to reach milestone completion dates.
  • Construction modeling provided consistent work package development and reporting, and ensured that any immediate changes to the project schedule were visible and predictable.
  • “Bentley’s ConstructSim software gives EPCs the ability to implement Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning, adding consistent value to owners by enabling transparency into project data.”

    Dale A. Adcox WorkFace Planning Manager Jacobs