• Insight-wfp

    Houston Refinery

    Houston, Texas, United States

Project Summary

    • Insight-wfp leverages Bentley's ConstructSim on Houston Refinery project


This USD 450 million construction project by a Houston, Texas, oil refinery required Insight-wfp to implement an Advanced Work Packaging System in an environment where construction planning was typically done on the fly. The streamlined workflow would bolster the operator’s ability to manage schedule and risk of the refinery, and free up site foremen to supervise safety, productivity, and quality. To reach milestone completion dates and maintain safety while working in the operational facility, Insight-wfp needed clearly defined installation work packages.


The project team implemented Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning using Bentley’s ConstructSim, which provided the virtual construction model and document control required to manage information. ConstructSim’s ability to communicate complex scenarios via 4D simulations kept workers on track, while progress was recorded for use in planning the next stages of construction. Using Advanced Work Packaging best practices in conjunction with Bentley software, Insight-wfp reduced project costs and time by simplifying correct sequence of work and verifying materials availability.  


Bentley software facilitated a direct correlation between the reality of visualized work package progress and the construction schedule, allowing construction contractors to make decisions based on a finite understanding of work fronts. Conducting WorkFace Planning with ConstructSim, Insight-wfp reduced the environmental impact of the construction equipment, travel, and waste, which yielded an ROI of USD 36 million and resulted in project completion six weeks ahead of schedule.


Insight-wfp used ConstructSim and Navigator to provide transparency for the owner and drive consistency in work package development and reporting. A single source of online documents provided construction contractors a means to search and pull electronic documents as needed, and allowed for document revisions with near zero lag time. The stable execution of work fronts enabled the team to complete the project in 1.6 million work hours without a single lost time incident, which is a unique outcome for this industry and recognized as world class performance.

  • Using ConstructSim to develop definition around RFIs and Change Orders significantly reduced ambiguity regarding cost and impact of change.
  • Navigator was used on field tablets to give owners’ representatives and construction staff live packages and 3D images in the field.
  • The project completed 1.6 million work hours without a single lost time incident—a unique outcome for the industry.
  • “We have a very happy owner and contractors with a new business model . . . a scaffold company selling the virtues of planning with ConstructSim to their business partners, and a new hope in an industry that was hungry for change. Our company has a solid business case for information management to support Advanced Work Packaging.”

    Geoff Ryan, PMP AWP Specialist Insight-wfp