• Giprotyumenneftegaz

    Preliminary Water Removal Unit – North Vankor Field

    Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia

Project Summary


Located in the Turukhansk District of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Territory, the UPSV-North oil and gas field is operated by Vankorneft, a Rosneft subsidiary. This highly complex facility, which sits in a permafrost zone, separates water from the oil-gas-water sludge to exact industry standards. For this project, Giprotyumenneftegaz performed detailed design and engineering which included surveying to create a digital terrain model and soil sampling for weight and pressure calculations to ensure stability in the permafrost.


The master plan for this site called for multiple process plants. The institute calculated major process streams, selected equipment, developed the engineering plan and process train, performed strength calculations for pipelines, and worked out engineering network schematics. A 3D model was created with more than 300 functional positions. Bentley software automated calculations for improved speed and accuracy, enabled simultaneous work on diverse data, and created a single information source without errors.


Each position in the model was a complicated technological object involving multiple disciplines working simultaneously. The use of Bentley’s 3D modeling technology throughout the design phase facilitated the exchange of information, reduced the number of errors in project documentation, and automated labor-intensive processes such as conflict detection and creation of specifications and estimates. Bentley software helped reduce project design time by 1.5 times and design costs by 15-20 percent.


PlantSpace, AutoPIPE, Bentley Descartes, Promis.e, and other Bentley software helped with equipment selection as well as strength calculations and static and dynamic load analyses for process pipelines. Equipment and pipeline databases enabled designs to be created in parallel with civil engineering and building design. A project document workflow system based on the intranet portal integrated in Bentley applications reduced the likelihood of teams using incorrect information.
  • Automatically generating drawings and specifications from the 3D model increased the profitability of the project.
  • The 3D model allowed Giprotyumenneftegaz to clearly visualize operations and track implementation according to schedule.
  • The use of an external portal, which was synchronized with the internal document management system, allowed teams to work more efficiently with materials received from subcontractors.
  • “The main feature of the implementation of the new Bentley products in designing infrastructure objects for oil and gas fields is that they represent a complete solution for all of the design stages, as well as for the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities. The solutions are based on a single data model that provides interoperability of applications through a common pool of information.”

    I.A. Scherbinin Managing Director Giprotyumenneftegaz