• Excelize Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd

    IT Campus – Banyan Park

    Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Project Summary

The Mumbai, India, campus development project for Tata Consultancy Services required Excelize Architectural Services (Excelize) to assist the project team in the multi-disciplinary coordination and design of 12 energy-efficient buildings on a contoured site, while minimizing client costs. To accommodate the unique design of water feature and oculi, and potential conflict between berm and building foundations, while maintaining natural topography with minimal damage imposed by the structures, Excelize needed to leverage BIM technology to provide an optimal modeling solution.

Using Bentley BIM tools, Excelize built a multi-disciplinary model used for design validation, coordination, and bill of quantities extraction to estimate material costs. The model enabled the team to visualize the complex design of the water feature and oculi, specify placement of structural supports, and quantify materials needed for the ecologically designed structures. Modeling the entire campus in 3D using Bentley’s comprehensive, collaborative AECOsim Building Designer resolved the challenges related to multi-discipline coordination.

Major cost benefits were realized through multi-discipline coordination of the building design using AECOsim Building Designer. The 3D modeling saved four months in design coordination compared to conventional methods. The bill of quantities extracted from the AECOsim Building Designer model yielded significant savings in material costs. Using Bentley’s integrated BIM tools to build a virtual model eliminated on-site conflicts and coordination issues resulting in minimum damage and reconstruction, saving material and valuable time.

The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley BIM tools enabled Excelize to provide an integrated modeling approach, demonstrating multi-discipline coordination, design validation, and data management, resulting in successful execution of the project. Excelize used MicroStation and AECOsim Building Designer for 3D modeling and design coordination. ProjectWise allowed team members to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, enhancing efficient collaboration. Bentley Navigator transformed the model into an intuitive format for presentation to Tata Consultancy Services and review by the site execution team.
  • The interoperability of Bentley software provided Excelize an integrated, multi-discipline modeling environment necessary for the successful execution of the development of the 22-acre, Banyan Park campus facility.
  • Excelize relied on Bentley BIM technology to accommodate the architectural and structural design challenges imposed by the contoured Mumbai site, and ecological and environmental project constraints.
  • Leveraging Bentley BIM tools, Excelize demonstrated design validation, multi-discipline coordination, and data management, enhancing collaboration and saving significant time and money.