• The Danish Road Directorate

    Herning – Holstebro

    Holstebro, Jylland, Denmark

Project Summary


For this USD 580 million design-build contract in Holstebro, Denmark, the Danish Road Directorate created a digital tender for the 39-kilometer Herning – Holstebro project that included eight interchanges, four railway crossings, and five bridges. This made early-stage multi-discipline data models available for the final design. The challenge was creating a digital workflow for sharing data across disciplines and establishing a sustainable solution across the project’s lifecycle.


To fully take advantage of the collaboration between internal project members and external partners, the team standardized data management on MicroStation. This ensured that up-to-date project data was stored in one place and displayed accurately when accessed from various platforms. Using MicroStation as the primary source of project data significantly reduced time spent producing accurate drawings from digital models. The models were available during tender and for final design.


Because the digital models received from external partners are inspected for any divergences from the standards, the Directorate has achieved significant efficiency gains. Going forward, the Directorate’s Digital Construction initiative will leverage lessons learned to promote collaboration among builders, consultants, and contractors. The intent is to create efficiency in infrastructure projects by using digital modeling software. Minimum requirements for digital models are constantly updated and available online.


The Directorate took advantage of Bentley technology to enable collaboration and conformance with standards. Bentley Navigator gave field supervisors easy access to project data. Bentley Descartes provided access to project models and feature-tagged elements through a MAPS database. In cooperation with Bentley, common naming levels in CAD files were integrated in PowerCivil for Denmark. The Directorate used DGN files from Bentley MXROAD for machine guidance in the field, making the operation much more efficient.
  • The Herning – Holstebro project put into practice the idea behind the Digital Construction initiative, which provides all project partners with valuable experience.
  • Minimum requirements for digital models were created and refined during the course of the project.
  • The Directorate made data available to all project participants while ensuring the consistent use of that data.
  • Working with digital models allowed conflicts to be identified and resolved during the design phase at significantly less cost.
  • “Bentley software has the unique capability to manage our geo-coordinated projects and, together with our needs for customizable features and user interface, makes it the perfect CAD product.”

    Morten Sørensen CAD Manager The Danish Road Directorate