• Danfoss

    Facility Optimization and Energy Management

    Nordborg, Denmark

Project Summary

    • Danfoss uses AssetWise Operational Analytics for facility optimization and energy management


With more than 50,000 retail food installations worldwide, Denmark-based Danfoss is a leading developer of integrated control solutions for supermarket refrigeration systems. The company’s customers are challenged to keep these systems running 24/7 without asset failure, unplanned downtime, or escalating energy costs. Danfoss introduced its Smart Store Solution to allow customers to remotely monitor and control operations at over 5,000 locations.


Danfoss implemented AssetWise as part of its solution to provide predictive 4D analytics for unprecedented visibility into asset performance. AssetWise captures data from sensors on compressors, humidifiers, heat exchangers, condensing units, energy meters, and other store assets, then displays the data across dashboards for all customer installations. Users monitor temperatures, alarms, energy spikes, and other indicators where performance could be improved.


The Smart Store Solution allows customers to monitor, manage, and operate their systems for maximum efficiency. AssetWise provides the operational intelligences needed to achieve five key objectives: 1) Ensure food safety and minimize food loss, 2) Reduce energy use, 3) Anticipate equipment failure, 4) Enable load shedding, and 5) Identify maintenance needs. The solution can achieve energy savings of 50 percent, with up to one-third lower energy bills. Some locations report 20 percent less CO2 emission.


AssetWise 4D Analytics provides real-time data for proactive operations and maintenance. Instead of reacting to incidents such as false alarms, users can identify which alarms need attention and reduce maintenance callouts. Real-time temperature reporting helps ensure refrigeration units operate within set parameters, saving energy without compromising food safety. The analytics also help optimize energy use through prescriptive load shedding, so energy can be put back into the grid for financial gain.

  • Danfoss’ Smart Store Solution helps customers avoid unplanned refrigeration downtime to ensure food safety and minimize food losses.
  • AssetWise provides the visibility and analytics needed to control asset performance, anticipate and prevent equipment failure, and optimize energy consumption.
  • The AssetWise dashboard displays reports that regulators require for at-a-glance status of any asset containing food.
  • The solution has proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent.
  • “Danfoss has been using the AssetWise Operational Analytics solution for many years, helping our customers optimize their stores and reducing significant energy costs.”

    Ole Skovbæk Senior Director, Product Management and Services Danfoss