São Joaquim Water Supply Alternatives

    São Joaquim, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Project Summary

CASAN provides treated water to 99% of the urban population in São Joaquim, Brazil. By 2040, the city’s population is expected to grow by 53%, which will increase water consumption from a system already at its operational and production limit. As part of its master planning initiatives, CASAN needed to study water source alternatives, understand how to increase the water capacity in São Joaquim by 60%, and determine the optimal diameter of the new water supply system to keep the cost of installation and ongoing operations to a minimum.

The study included several hydraulic simulations using WaterCAD and HAMMER as the decision-support tools. After the system units (existing and planned) were inputted into WaterCAD, the CASAN project team could simulate and compare different what-if scenarios, verify the efficiencies and energy costs of the various pumps, determine the best scenarios for the operating cost of electricity, verify energy costs between scenarios with and without operating controls, define the best diameter for the water supply system, and choose the best design for the project.

WaterCAD helped CASAN planners identify the best alternatives for increasing water capacity for the city. Using HAMMER software, planners could also analyze various scenarios of hydraulic transients and determine the best equipment for the protection of water mains and the best design to lower installation costs and ensure system safety. With the new water supply system, the city will have two main lines for water transmission (actual and designed) that will bring greater supply reliability, even during periods of increased drought.

WaterCAD was used for data input. Its TRex tool was used to include the topography in the model. This option decreased service time as it was much faster and more efficient when compared to the manual insertion of topographical dimensions on all nodes. Bentley software made the process of entering data into the model a fast, easy task and accelerated completion of the project.
  • Bentley software reduced operational costs by helping to determine the best diameter for the new water main and the best pumps for the booster stations. CASAN expects to see a drop in the total costs (installation and operational), approximately 54% less than the worst scenario studied.
  • The new water supply system design will bring greater supply reliability to the city, even during periods of increased drought.
  • “Bentley tools provided key data for decision making and completion of the study, ensuring the system's operational efficiency, bringing financial sustainability to the utility and reliability of services to the people.”

    João Félix de Luca Lino CASAN