E4 Stockholm Bypass - Förbifart Stockholm - FSK02 Rock Tunnels Design Contract

    Stockholm, Sweden

Project Summary


The SEK 27.6 billion megaproject required the AECOM and ÅF joint venture to design a 21-kilometer motorway linking southern and northern Stockholm. More than 18 kilometers of the roadway consists of tunnels to help reduce environmental impact. Known as the Stockholm Bypass, the link will feature twin mainline tunnels reaching a maximum depth of 100 meters. The project required 19 million tons of rock to be excavated during construction using a team of 19 different disciplines to deliver the project. AECOM needed an integrated BIM process to accommodate the technical, construction planning, information management, and environmental challenges.


AECOM used Bentley BIM solutions to facilitate 3D modeling, collaboration, and integration among the diverse project team, and ProjectWise to establish a common data environment for all stakeholders. Building an integrated information model, AECOM assessed the impact and operations of the tunnel facilities in a virtual environment to determine technical solutions, reduce construction risks, and meet environmental standards. Bentley software ensured accurate integration of numerous multi-disciplined models and enhanced data integrity throughout the project lifecycle.


Bentley interoperable modeling and collaboration software enabled effective asset management throughout the entire project lifecycle, ultimately reducing operational costs. The software’s information mobility and BIM processes ensured effective collaboration, enhanced data integrity, and reduced overall risk.


Using Bentley MicroStation, MXROAD, and InRoads, AECOM modeled evacuation routes and assessed the impact and operation of the tunnel facilities in a virtual environment. ProjectWise allowed the incorporation of metadata in all 3D designs to facilitate asset management throughout the project lifecycle. Bentley i-models enabled infrastructure information exchange, with ProjectWise as the common data environment, ensuring information mobility. Bentley Navigator provided the collaborative 3D design environment necessary to detect clashes and design issues among the 19 different disciplines’ models.

  • Using Bentley’s 3D modeling and collaboration tools, AECOM designed the world’s longest road tunnels as part of the 21-kilometer Stockholm Bypass, mitigating environmental impact during construction and operation.
  • Bentley’s BIM solutions and ProjectWise facilitated information modeling, management, and mobility on this SEK 27.6 billion Stockholm megaproject, increasing efficiency, enhancing data integrity, and ultimately reducing risk.
  • “Bentley’s collaborative and design tools allowed AECOM-ÅF Joint Venture team, which consisted of more than 560 people working across nine countries, to successfully deliver the design of the Stockholm Bypass, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Sweden. When completed, the bypass will feature one of the longest road tunnels in the world. It is difficult to contemplate how a project of this magnitude and complexity could have been delivered without the use of building information modeling including the common data environment together with state-of-the-art software tools.”

    Kenneth O’Hara AECOM Project Director