• AECOM India Pvt. Ltd.

    Detailed Design of Infrastructure at Wave Hi Tech & Green Tech: An Emerging Beacon for BIM_4_Water

    National Capital Region, India

Project Summary


Wave Infratech, a leader in real estate known for futuristic and extraordinary real estate projects throughout India, chose AECOM India to perform the detailed infrastructure design for a 10,000-acre project at Wave Hi Tech & Green Tech, which will be a residential township with modern amenities. This utilities project needed to cover water and sewage systems, electrical systems, solid waste management, road engineering and traffic planning, as well as showcase the smart city concept, complete with a detailed 3D model.


AECOM India tackled this project using a variety of Bentley software products that facilitated the planning, design, simulation, and analysis of the 10,000-acre asset. The project team was able to manage all network models – complete with alternatives and iterations – very efficiently. The model, which was created by publishing i-models, made it easy to detect clashes and validate the placement of all utilities, as well as generate drawings, profiles and reports, as needed.


Using Bentley’s automated design engine and other functionality, the project team reduced design time by one seventh while improving the precision of the design. The project team’s deliverable addressed key environmental priorities – for example, by restoring natural drainage areas, harvesting rain water, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


The project team used WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, and StormCAD to model, design, and analyze the water, sewer, and drainage networks. Using Bentley OpenRoads technology enabled coordination of all utilities in a single platform. Bentley Navigator, gINT, and STAAD were also part of an integrated platform to deliver a 3D design. Powerful analysis and simulation tools enabled the team to simulate utility efficiencies and head off risks. Bentley software enabled a platform for integration with other software including AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and Microsoft Office.

  • Adopting a BIM for water process enabled AECOM reduced person-months by one seventh, allowing them to realize a payback within six months.
  • Using Bentley software, the project team reduced the time needed to design, iterate, and optimize.
  • The comprehensive model enabled the project team to benefit from automatic clash and proactively managed risk.