• AECOM and Ferrovial Agroman

    North Tarrant Express Segment 3A

    United States

Project Summary

AECOM was commissioned by Ferrovial Agroman to deliver the North Tarrant Express, a 10 kilometer highway expansion in Fort Worth for the Texas Department of Transportation. An innovative managed lanes concession model was implemented, including road design, structures, traffic management, retaining wall design, and drainage design. To coordinate efforts between different disciplines as well as multiple offices and subcontractors, AECOM need to ensure real-time access to the latest project information.

AECOM used ProjectWise to ensure teams in Dallas and Madrid collaborated in real-time with accurate and up-to-date information. With ProjectWise, all disciplines (roadway, drainage, structures), regardless of location, had uninterrupted access to the latest information. The teams used Bentley 3D modeling and analysis software to design new tolled managed lanes, realignment of the general-purpose lanes, direct connectors, retaining walls, and drainage, as well as arrangement, calculations and detailed design drawings for 35 bridges.

ProjectWise saved design time over the course of the project and reduced the need for drawings and digital information because all collaborators had access to current files. AECOM opted to deploy ProjectWise-as-a-Service solution, which saved four months in startup time (80% of overall project) by hosting in the cloud instead of on a custom-built IT environment. ProjectWise-as-a-Service also cost 19% less than an onsite system.

With Bentley software including ProjectWise, MicroStation, InRoads Suite, GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite, and STAAD.Pro, AECOM efficiently incorporated construction 3D modeling, work packaging, geo-coordination, hybrid modeling, and optioneering into the design process for the North Tarrant Express project. ProjectWise also improved quality and reduced costs by enabling parallel workflows, streamlining reviews, reducing risk, and supporting regulatory compliance.
  • AECOM deployed ProjectWise-as-a-Service for the USD 500,000 North Tarrant Express design project, saving 4 months in startup time (80% of the overall project) by eliminating the need for a custom-built IT environment.
  • ProjectWise-as-a-Service cost 19% less than setting up an onsite system.
  • Bentley solutions enabled AECOM to employ 3D modeling, construction work packaging, geo-coordination, hybrid modeling, and optioneering to further improve the project workflow and deliverables.
  • “Bentley products enabled AECOM to ramp up for our project quickly and help us deliver a winning bid.”

    Donald Tounget AECOM