• Itafos Conda

    Asset Care to Support Long-term Sustainability of a Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility

    Soda Springs, Idaho, United States

Project Summary


An Eye on Sustainability

Initially constructed in 1964, Conda is a phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant located in Soda Springs, Idaho, with an annual production capacity of approximately 550 kilotons of monoammonium phosphate. Over the years, the facility has undergone numerous shutdowns, restarts, and ownership acquisitions. In 2018, Itafos acquired the Conda assets and decided to review the facility’s asset reliability program. Having been run by numerous firms over its 54-year operating history, the site has experienced varying priorities and methods for asset care and collection of asset maintenance and reliability data. With an eye on sustainability, Itafos initiated a project to develop a consistent framework to manage and maintain the plant to ensure asset reliability and site operations for years to come.

Standardizing Development of Asset Care Plans

Recognizing that consistency in taking care of assets is key to long-term sustainability of the Conda site, Itafos wanted to better understand the operating context of their assets and develop appropriate care plans. However, they faced challenges with inconsistent data collection that was scattered and stored in various files across all operating units. With over 9,000 active maintainable assets and various changes in the manufacturing processes, environmental requirements, and management philosophies, their manual and paper-based methods for gathering and sharing asset data proved insufficient. Instead, they needed to establish a digital asset management and reliability program to standardize development of effective asset care plans.

Leveraging AssetWise to Digitalize Asset Management

Leveraging the capabilities of AssetWise, Itafos identified highly critical assets, monitored failure modes, and created a consistent framework for asset maintenance, accessible to all stakeholders in a single digital environment. Using Bentley’s application simplified access to current and historical asset data and any maintenance works, enabling the team to prioritize assets, perform maintenance task analysis, and conduct continuous reviews and inspections. The software’s alarm feature makes it easy to monitor assets, providing immediate notification of any abnormal equipment. This capability enabled them to implement appropriate corrective action and preventative maintenance plans. By digitizing their asset reliability process, Itafos has real-time insight into asset health to create appropriate care plans, optimizing asset management and maintenance, as well as overall plant operations.

Digitalization Drives Savings and Sustainability

Using AssetWise, Itafos analyzed and verified that over 95% of their highest critical assets have proper care plans in place. Bentley’s digital solution streamlined information management, inspections, and reporting, facilitating a standardized approach to asset care. Working in a unified digital environment, automating previous manual tasks reduced the timeframe for data collection from days to minutes. It also provides immediate notification of abnormalities so that Itafos can develop effective corrective action plans to prevent asset failure and the potential need for replacement. By digitalizing asset reliability processes, the team achieved complete control and understanding of all plant equipment, enabling safe and sustainable operations.

Project Playbook: AssetWise Asset Reliability

  • Itafos established a digital asset management and reliability program to better manage and maintain over 9,000 active assets.
  • Using AssetWise provided a unified digital environment for all stakeholders to collect and access asset data and implement effective asset care plans.
  • Bentley’s application reduced the time frame for collecting equipment data for review from days to just minutes.
  • “The consistent framework provided by AssetWise makes sure we understand the operating context of our equipment to address the underlying causes of failures and develop effective asset management strategies.”

    Nicholas Hofeldt Senior Reliability Engineer Itafos Conda