• POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Thermal Power Plant Reconstruction Project

    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Project Summary

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Reconstructing a Thermal Power Plant for Better Energy Production

Located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, the Bishkek Thermal Power Plant was built in 1958 and had 24 boilers as well as 11 steam turbine units. POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering was tasked with designing a new, USD 386 million thermal power plant at the existing plant site. The reconstruction was the largest cooperative energy project between China and Kyrgyzstan. However, some equipment could not be moved and the team needed the design to fit within the road-restricted boundaries of the small site, which measured 162 meters by 165 meters. Additionally, they had to come up with a creative solution to keep the boiler and steam turbines operating together, despite their placement on different elevations.

Improving Collaboration for a Complex Project

POWERCHINA Hubei wanted to advance their workflows for their multidiscipline team to help them optimize the project. The thermal power plant design needed to include complex data that various project participants could access, and stakeholders would also need access for reviews and approvals. They realized that traditional methods of design and collaboration would not work for this project, as they needed to share this data in a highly visual way to improve understanding and streamline approval. So, they decided to use collaborative 3D digital technology.

Using Digital Design to Create a Highly Visual Plant Model

Having used Bentley applications for digital design since 2013, POWERCHINA Hubei adopted Bentley’s digital factory design solution, which they customized to their needs. They implemented OpenPlant to design the new plant while OpenUtilities Substation and Bentley Raceway and Cable Management helped them design the electrical engineering. Meanwhile, they used OpenBuildings Designer and STAAD for the civil engineering works. The engineering team easily shared and updated information throughout all stages of the project by using ProjectWise, creating a co-design workflow and ensuring that everyone understood the status of the project. The application also ensured that the team could manage the large number of documents and processes. Using this model to share data made it easier for POWERCHINA Hubei to seek and manage approvals.

Improving Plant Efficiency while Saving Time and Cost

POWERCHINA Hubei used Bentley applications to ensure that that the new design fit within the tight space, with the final area measuring only 2.591 hectares, which was 20% smaller when compared to the conventional scheme. Using a digital design workflow saved about USD 4 million in project costs while extracting the ISO diagram from the model reduced time and labor costs by 20%. Bentley Raceway and Cable Management alone improved design efficiency by 30% because it was easier to lay out the cable in the application. They lessened design changes by using digital methods to reduce collisions by 90%. The project was completed and operational four months ahead of schedule, creating a modern thermal plant that saves energy, reduces emissions, and protects the environment. Power generation increased by 1.478 billion kilowatt-hours while heat supply nearly doubled to 300 gigacalories per hour. The thermal power plant now provides electricity and heating to over 1 million residents in Bishkek.

Project Playbook: Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, iModelHub, LumenRT, MicroStation, OpenBuildings Designer, OpenPlant, OpenUtilities Substation, ProjectWise, STAAD

  • POWERCHINA Hubei was tasked with designing the USD 386 million Bishkek Thermal Power Plant at an existing plant site in Kyrgyzstan.
  • They adopted Bentley’s digital factory design solution, using OpenPlant to design the new plant and ProjectWise to easily share information throughout the project.
  • POWERCHINA Hubei used a digital design workflow to save about USD 4 million in total project costs.
  • The Bishkek Thermal Power Plant reconstruction project uses Bentley software to complete the digital design of the project. Through the accurate layout optimization of 3D design, we solved the problem of land shortage and extracted the engineering drawings and bill of materials for construction. The digital design saved about USD 4 million. The project has been unanimously recognized and praised by the owner and the construction team.

    Wenjie Xu Engineer POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.