• CVB JV (Costain, VINCI, and Bachy Soletanche Joint Venture)

    Thames Tideway East

    London, United Kingdom

Project Summary


The UK’s largest-ever water infrastructure project, Thames Tideway Tunnel will upgrade London’s 150-year- old sewer network, preventing overflow into the River Thames. The 25-kilometer-long tunnel is split into three work package sections across 24 construction sites. Costain, VINCI Construction Grands Projets and Bachy Soletanche (CVB) JV is responsible for the GBP 850 million eastern section of the tunnel, including 10 kilometers of tunnel works located 70 meters beneath central London, as well as six shaft sites. The project involves 12 design disciplines and numerous supply chain companies and stakeholders, all working in confined sites amid tight scheduling constraints. CVB JV required integrated digital technology to push the boundaries of conventional construction to deliver this super-sewer system.


CVB JV established a connected data environment and implemented 4D construction modeling and collaborative planning to overcome project challenges and streamline engineering and construction management. The team built 3D models and linked them to the construction program, creating more than 30 intelligent 4D models. CVB JV used a common platform for coordinated, multidiscipline modeling, and storage of all construction information. Bentley’s integrated technology provided a digital solution that established a visual sequence demonstrating the development of construction activities.


Using the 4D construction models in weekly collaborative planning meetings, CVB JV facilitated development and scheduling of complex construction activities in advance, saving significant project time. The 4D construction models improved site analysis, enhanced constructability, and eliminated rework to save more than 90 days in the construction program, equaling GBP 300,000 in direct cost savings, and GBP 1 million in indirect savings. By using Bentley’s collaborative digital applications, the project team provided accurate visualization of the construction process, improving communication and understanding among site operatives and stakeholders to streamline workflow, decision-making, and approval processes. CVB JV has since extended the use of SYNCHRO 4D to streamline the connection between site and office, and expect it to reduce the time required to keep the model and program up to date by 50%.


SYNCHRO 4D facilitated 4D modeling for collaborative planning and digital construction management enabling efficient, safe, and sustainable construction works. The interoperability of OpenBuildings Designer provided the 3D authoring capability to integrate supply chain models in different file formats into coordinated models on the ProjectWise platform. Using SYNCHRO 4D enabled site teams to easily access, view, and interrogate the models to analyze and ensure optimal constructability of the complex construction works. Bentley’s 4D digital technology solution resolved potential clashes and effectively managed concurrent works amid multiple subcontractors working together in highly congested sites.

Project Playbook: SYNCHRO

  • Using ProjectWise, OpenBuildings Designer, and SYNCHRO 4D streamlined workflows to reduce the overall construction program by more than 90 days, achieving about GBP 1 million in savings.
  • Visualizing construction sequencing through digital 4D modeling helped identify and resolve issues prior to construction, avoiding over GBP 10,000 in associated costs while reducing the construction program.
  • Replacing 2D drawings with accurate 4D construction models eliminated complexities, which accelerated production by 20% and reduced document volume by 30%.
  • CVB JV has since extended the use of SYNCHRO 4D to streamline the connection between site and office, and expect it to reduce the time required to keep the model and program up to date by 50%.
  • “[Bentley’s] technology shortened design time, reduced resource hours, made meetings more productive, and eliminated tedious tasks. The collaborative approach achieved through SYNCHRO 4D has been key to involving the client, designers, and fabricators during early decision-making.”

    Sandra Reis BIM Manager CVB JV