• Yunnan Yunling Engineering Cost Consultation Co., Ltd.

    New Municipal Road Construction PPP Project of the Municipal Public Facility Construction Project of Guandu Culture New City

    Kunming, Yunnan, China

Project Summary

    • Yunnan Yunling Engineering Cost Consultation Co Ltd – New Municipal Road Construction PPP Project of the Municipal Public Facility Construction Project of Guandu Culture New City
As part of an RMB 90 billion smart city initiative in Kunming, Yunnan, China, Yunnan Yunling Engineering Cost Consultation (YYECC) was retained as lead building information modeling (BIM) strategy consultant to deliver a rapid transportation system in the southeastern part of the city. The RMB 9.9 billion project spans 20 square kilometers and consists of 23 roads, bridges, tunnels, and urban underground pipe corridors. Faced with massive amounts of fragmented data among more than 25 engineering and construction disciplines, YYECC required an integrated digital solution to manage the complex contract system, share information, and ensure all processes met owner requirements throughout the 20-year project lifecycle.

Leveraging ProjectWise with Bentley’s design and visualization applications, YYECC established an open, connected data environment and developed a comprehensive BIM methodology. The team used the technology to develop a collaborative, multidiscipline model of the transportation infrastructure, incorporating roads, bridges, structural, and terrain models. Working in the connected data environment streamlined data sharing among the numerous project participants, providing access for all designers to accelerate production of more accurate models. The integrated 3D BIM modeling facilitated design management and construction simulation to meet all owner requirements and optimize project delivery.

Using Bentley applications increased design efficiency by 25% and enabled the team to achieve 90% model integrity. Establishing a connected data environment improved collaboration and accelerated review and approval processes from one week to one day. LumenRT enhanced visualization efficiency by 70% compared to traditional drawings. Simulation analysis optimized design intent and construction management to keep the project on schedule. Bentley’s integrated digital solution helped eliminate costly errors and rework, contributing to a 70% increase in overall cost management of the project.

YYECC used ProjectWise to establish a collaborative platform to unify and manage three terabytes of data among the more than 25 project participants. Integrating OpenRoads and OpenBridge Modeler facilitated innovative, construction-driven engineering processes to accelerate design, construction, and delivery of infrastructure in compliance with local standards. The animation and visualization capabilities of LumenRT enhanced the appearance of the model to enable stakeholders to better understand design intent. Using Bentley’s collaborative 3D BIM technology, YYECC established a digital model of the Kunming rapid transit system that will be used as part of the development of the Guandu smart new city to improve digital urban management in the area.

Project Playbook:
LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenBuildings Designer, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, ProStructures
  • YYECC industrialized project delivery using Bentley technology as part of a digital city initiative to implement BIM methodologies and an open, connected data environment to deliver Kunming’s rapid transit transportation system.
  • ProjectWise and Bentley’s 3D modeling applications streamlined digital workflows to achieve 63% design optimization.
  • Applying clash analysis resolved 210 pipe network elevation issues, contributing to a 60% decrease in design errors.
  • The collaborative 3D model will serve as a basis for implementing BIM methodologies for seven future construction projects to improve digital urban management of Kunming City.
  • “Bentley’s ProjectWise decreased the time it took to approve materials used on the project by 40% and giving the project team the ability to access information in the field improved information integrity by 30%.”

    Li Chao Vice Director of BIM Center Yunnan Yunling Engineering Cost Consultation