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    Ultra Pure Water Project 1 GW Manufacturing Solar Silicon PV Cells & Modules

    Kutch, Gujarat, India

Project Summary

    • Suez Water Technologies and SolutSuez Water Technologies & Solutions – Ultra Pure Water Project 1 GW Manufacturing Solar Silicon PV Cells & Modulesions
To help meet India’s growing energy demands, Adani Mundar Solar PV Limited initiated a 1-gigawatt solar PV cell manufacturing project. The USD 6.6 billion project requires continuous and reliable production of ultra-pure water (UPW) 365 days a year. As the world’s largest supplier of UPW systems, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (SWTS) was retained to provide design, engineering, and commissioning services for the UPW plant in Gujarat, India. SWTS needed integrated 3D modeling and analysis technology to design and construct the complex piping and cable system, which required offsite prefabrication and multiple disciplines to work simultaneously, within eight months.

SWTS created and implemented a 3D digital model using a variety of Bentley applications to manage design and construction and facilitate collaborative engineering. The team used OpenPlant to model the entire 130-kilometer piping layout for the plant, and STAAD.Pro and AutoPIPE for finite element and piping stress analyses. Navigator facilitated clash detection and collaboration among the numerous disciplines, and with the prefabrication and construction team, to quickly resolve potential issues prior to construction. Using ProjectWise to establish a connected data environment enabled coordinated modeling and information sharing and ensured that all project participants and the client had access to the most current drawings and deliverables.

Using Bentley’s technology solutions increased modeling productivity by 10% and shortened the project schedule by 50 days. The automated drawing production features in OpenPlant reduced drawing production time by half. Bentley’s integrated digital applications enabled accurate bills of material (BOM) extraction, reduced engineering resources, and avoided rework. These enhancements optimized design efficiency and accuracy to achieve a high-quality deliverable and to save USD 70,000. Working in a connected data environment improved decision making and reduced engineering hours by 40%.

The comprehensive modeling features in OpenPlant accelerated error-free generation of more than 1,000 pipelines and optimized visualization of the entire piping network and plant layout. Using Navigator to perform clash detection identified 180 potential issues in the model, crucial to offsite prefabrication as no welding could be done on the project site. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley’s plant modeling and analysis applications facilitated seamless integration with third-party software and resources, allowing SWTS to import 3D CAD models and generate a custom component library to optimize design. Using ProjectWise to interface with the SWTS Libraries server ensured changes to all project documentation were captured in real-time and accessible throughout remote offices.

Project Playbook:
AutoPIPE, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenPlant, ProjectWise, ProSteel, STAAD.Pro
  • SWTS used Bentley technology to develop a 3D digital model of India’s first UPW system to generate power for a USD 6.6 billion, 1-gigawatt PV solar module that will provide energy for approximately 700,000 homes in Gujarat, India.
  • Using Bentley’s plant modeling and analysis applications optimized pipe routings and reduced field work to save USD 70,000.
  • Accurate BOM extraction minimized shortage of polypropylene material, saving approximately eight weeks lead time to order additional supply.
  • “Bentley as the single solution provider successfully paved the way for analysis, modeling, designing, detailing, and documentation in a more prudent way, meeting SWTS’ patented ultra-pure water generation using membranes and filters for solar power plant execution on time and with high quality.”

    Mathankumar Mahendran Engineering Technical Leader Suez Water Technologies & Solutions