• Stockholm City

    Communication of Urban Development

    Stockholm, Sweden

Project Summary

The city of Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden with almost 2 million inhabitants in the greater metropolitan area. The city is quickly expanding, and plans are underway to build 140,000 new apartments by the year 2030 to meet the high demand. Communicating clearly and involving citizens early in the planning stages is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and formal complaints delaying the urban planning process. With the ambitious plan, attracting investors to the region is also a key component for the strategy.

Stockholm quickly realized the value of using 3D visualization to engage inhabitants in the planning process from the beginning. A photorealistic 3D model of the metropolitan area, which spanned about 500 square kilometers, was created with ContextCapture for use as an urban planning visualization canvas. OpenCities Planner serves as the visualization and dialogue platform for online, mobile, and showrooms – spreading 3D project visualizations to both the residents of Stockholm and project stakeholders. OpenCities Planner is also used for promotion at real estate events and exhibition to inform about the development projects in Stockholm. Stockholm is now working toward a digital twin, a fully updated and semantically rich 3D city model, which would enable even more powerful visualizations as well as analyses and simulations.

Stockholm is actively progressing its digitization to become a smarter city and several initiatives are ongoing to reach that goal. Transparency and openness are key areas of focus. Stockholm strives to engage citizens and have them be more involved in the urban planning. The exhibition facility, “Stockholmsrummet” is the showroom for urban development in the heart of the city. This room is open to the public and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Stockholmsrummet showcases a 3D presentation, which provides a visual context to the development plan. Several web and mobile-based dialogue projects are being carried out to collect comments and capture opinions from the public, substantially widening the reach of the dialogue and communication.

To create a 3D city model for the project, a city-scale 3D reality mesh was generated with ContextCapture to provide real-world digital context. OpenCities Planner was used to create 3D models, text descriptions, and illustrations of urban planning projects. These scenes were shared online and to mobile devices. OpenCities Planner’s offline configuration is used in showrooms and exhibitions to engage and improve communication to citizens.

Project Playbook: ContextCapture, OpenCities Planner
  • This project has substantially improved communication between the city and its citizens regarding urban planning.
  • Stockholmsrummet receives thousands of visitors annually and the 3D projects that are published online engages a larger group of citizens.
  • The digital twin and 3D publishing features of OpenCities Planner have attracted more visitors and supported conversations that clarify complex urban development projects.
  • “Transparency and involvement of citizens in the urban development of the city of Stockholm. The 3D model of Stockholm and its published scenarios has contributed to attract more interest and supported in the explaining of complex scenarios of urban development projects.”

    Maria Uggla Geodata Strategist City of Stockholm