• Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. of CREC

    Civil Engineering of the Beihu Sewage Treatment Plant and Auxiliary Project

    Wuhan, Hubei, China

Project Summary

    • Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd of CREC – Civil engineering of the Beihu sewage treatment plant and auxiliary project
Covering 532,000 square meters in Wuhan, Hubei, China and serving nearly 2.5 million people, the Beihu Sewage Treatment Plant is the largest sewage treatment plant in China. The current construction capacity will treat 800,000 tons of sewage per day, with long-term capacity reaching 1.5 million tons per day.
The CNY 88 million project involves complicated building and pipeline construction for 31 single buildings and 11 major categories of electromechanical pipelines. Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. of CREC (SCEC) was responsible for constructing the main structure of each unit and pipeline installation. To accommodate the complex construction works and large-scale site excavation on a short construction schedule, the multidiscipline team required integrated digital modeling technology.

SCEC used Bentley’s BIM and reality modeling applications for 3D modeling and construction management. Using unmanned aerial vehicles and ContextCapture, the team captured images and generated an accurate reality mesh to clearly and measurably demonstrate the earthworks excavation and fill requirements. Integrating ProStructures and OpenBuildings facilitated modeling and analysis of the steel bar and complex pipeline network, while LumenRT and Navigator helped visualize and streamline the construction process. ProjectWise provided the connected data environment for coordinated modeling and information sharing among multiple disciplines.

Reality modeling enabled efficient and accurate earthworks calculations, saving seven-to-10 days’ time per square kilometer, compared to traditional global positioning system measurements. The 3D information model of the sewage treatment plant generated in OpenBuildings Designer resolved complex construction issues and optimized the construction scheme, estimated to save about CNY 2.3 million in construction management costs. Modeling steel rebar structures with ProStructures improved extraction efficiency and accuracy to save approximately CNY 1.62 million in material costs. Creating 3D animated visual renderings with LumenRT effectively guided the construction team to shorten the construction period by approximately 121 days, saving about CNY 1.27 million.

The comprehensive modeling features of ProStructures accelerated modeling of the steel rebar by 50%. Performing clash detection with OpenBuildings eliminated 76 collision points along the 87.3-kilometer-long pipeline network. Animated renderings displayed on more than 2,000 design and construction drawings were produced using LumenRT. These renderings simplified understanding of design intent. Using Navigator for construction simulation helped streamline workflows and optimize construction management among more than 143 construction zones. SCEC developed an integrated information model while working in a connected data environment using ProjectWise and Bentley’s interoperable 3D BIM and reality modeling applications. This model will serve as the basis for future digital lifecycle management in the water environmental protection engineering industry.

Project Playbook: ContextCapture, LumenRT, Navigator, OpenBuildings Designer, ProjectWise, ProStructures
  • Using ContextCapture to establish a reality mesh of the construction site and structures for the Beihu sewage treatment plant improved construction efficiencies and saved 63% in costs.
  • ProStructures facilitated accurate modeling of the steel rebar structures to save 5.5% in costs for steel materials.
  • Performing construction simulation with Navigator streamlined construction processes, reducing the construction period by 73 days.
  • “In the application of multisource data BIM technology, Bentley series technology software has helped us in many aspects to form a BIM technology application system for water environmental protection engineering.”

    Zhehong Chen Technical Director, Head of BIM Center and Senior Engineer Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. of CREC