• Pestech International Berhad

    Substation Design and Automation for Olak Lempit Substation Project

    Banting, Selangor, Malaysia

Project Summary

    • Pestech International Berhad – Substation Design & Automation for Olak Lempit Substation Project
In 2017, Malaysia’s largest utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) awarded Pestech International an RM 79.5 million power system installation contract to upgrade the Olak Lempit substation in Banting from a 275/132-kilovolt facility to a 500-kilovolt substation to provide power to the rapidly growing area. The project team needed to coordinate with another main contractor to deliver a separate section to the substation bays, utilizing existing cable trays, ladders, and underground trenches laid by the other contractor from the 275-kilovolt control building. Working within a tight timeline and with a limited budget, Pestech International had to strategically manage its labor resources with the other projects on which the organization was simultaneously working. TNB expected a high-quality design, so Pestech International needed to deviate from a traditional CAD-centric design and implement a 3D modeling environment.


To overcome the restrictive timeline and budget, Pestech International deployed Bentley’s 3D modeling solutions, comprising AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Substation, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ContextCapture, and LumenRT. Using Bentley Substation as the main design application, the team created an intelligent standard primary and secondary equipment library, containing symbols, macros, titles blocks, device families, and manufacturer information. The contents of this library are used to generate reports and collaborate with other project team members. At the end of the design process, an iModel was published that allowed the team to detect and resolve clashes and view equipment information. The team also used ContextCapture to create a to-scale 3D intelligent model with multiple levels to visualize the substation. The model showed the multidiscipline team where the cable trays, conductors, and bus bars are placed and connected to the equipment.

Pestech International was able to maximize design automation using Bentley Substation to significantly reduce manual drafting, errors, and rework, creating designs 50 percent faster. The significant increase in productivity allowed the team to complete the designs with the same amount of resources. Another benefit to implementing Bentley software is its interoperability with other applications, which avoids purchasing other software applications, reducing overhead for licensing, training, deployment, and maintenance. The result is greater project team collaboration, faster project delivery, lower costs, and quicker approvals by TNB. Additionally, the software helps detect clashes earlier in the process, which allows construction to proceed more efficiently and with fewer change orders. Working in a comprehensive modeling environment using Bentley’s automated and interoperable applications enabled the team to save an estimated MYR 200,000.


AECOsim Building Designer was used to design the control building in a faster, more efficient way than using traditional methods. For example, doors and staircases were easy to place in the 3D model. With Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, team members could visualize the physical site and the cable ladders, trays, underground trenches, and cabling routes. The team had the ability to automatically generate a report with information of the source and target devices by using Promis.e to design the electrical schematics provided. The automatic routing function within the application calculates and optimizes the lengths and route of the cables, providing accurate measurements that helped save construction material costs. Additionally, the team resolved clashes more quickly and efficiently using Navigator.

Project Playbook:
AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Bentley Substation, ContextCapture, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, ProjectWise, Promis.e
  • The project team created construction drawings in one day with Bentley Substation, compared to 10 days using traditional methods.
  • Accurate measurements of cables and electrical components reduced waste by 10 to 20 percent.
  • Working in a comprehensive modeling environment using Bentley’s automated and interoperable software saved an estimated MYR 200,000.
  • “Bentley solutions were implemented throughout this project, with Bentley Substation used for primary and secondary design and Bentley Raceway and Cable Management for cable routing design. Using symbol libraries and report templates, we were able to easily produce design drawings in 2D and 3D and automatically generate the reports.”

    Sean Lee Assistant Manager Pestech International