• Stream Environment Sdn. Bhd.

    Automated Waste Collection System for Changi Airport Terminal 4


Project Summary

With the completion of the Changi Airport’s expansion in Singapore, the new Terminal 4 is expected to handle up to 16 million passengers per year, raising security concerns about manual refuse collection. Recognizing the need for a better waste collection solution, Stream Environment Sdn. Bhd. designed, engineered, supplied, and installed automated waste collection system (AWCS). To meet the tight deadlines and coordinate with stakeholders for the opening of the terminal, Stream needed flexible, interoperable design technology.

Using Promis.e the team developed a library of digital symbols, components, and templates to produce electrical drawings and construct the electrical schematics for the AWCS and deliver the associated required reports. Stream integrated MicroStation and Navigator for 3D modeling and visualization to help all parties visualize the AWCS route within the airport building, ensuring seamless commissioning. Bentley’s collaborative technology optimized engineering design in accordance with international standards.

Stream’s AWCS conveys six to eight tons of waste per day without on-site personnel. Bentley’s integrated technology solution reduced design time by 11 days, compared to using AutoCAD, enabling the team to meet its delivery deadline in less than three days. The automated capabilities of Promis.e required only one engineer to complete the designs, as opposed to three on comparable projects. Promis.e also accelerated report production and reduced design error. Overall, the application streamlined coordination, optimized design accuracy, and improved efficiencies estimated to save SGD 100,000.

Using Promis.e allowed engineers and draftsmen to produce their electrical, mechanical, and control drawings accurately in compliance with international standards. The software easily generates accurate bills of material and terminal diagrams, saving significant time and costs. The use of MicroStation 3D models and iModels improved visualization, collaboration, and information mobility among all project parties to timely produce deliverables. All asset information will now be kept and tracked for efficient lifecycle maintenance with the Bentley solution.

Project Playbook: MicroStation, Navigator, Promis.e
  • Stream used Bentley’s integrated design technology to deliver an AWCS that conveys six to eight tons of waste per day without on-site personnel to address concerns from the increased passenger influx at Changi Airport Terminal 4.
  • Promis.e and MicroStation enabled one engineer to complete electrical designs in less than three days, meeting the tight deadline.
  • iModels accelerated accurate information sharing among all project parties, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency.
  • The automated capabilities, flexibility, and interoperability of Bentley modeling applications streamlined workflows and enhanced design processes to save an estimated SGD 100,000.
  • “With the implementation of Promis.e, MicroStation, and Navigator the engineering team was able to automate the design process and generation of reports. The electrical design works that usually take 14 days are greatly reduced to less than three days. With less errors and faster production time, the organization can save more than SGD 100,000 on the project.”

    Ammar Azizan Automation and Commissioning Engineer Stream Environment Sdn. Bhd.