• Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited, PowerChina

    Application of BIM Strategy for Shenzhen Qianhai Municipal Infrastructure

    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Project Summary

In Shenzhen, Guangdong, China the Qianhai Cooperation Zone is undergoing concentrated construction across 14.92 square kilometers of reclaimed land, valued at nearly CNY 390 billion. The development includes more than 180 kilometers of roads and 32 kilometers of rail lines aboveground and belowground, and CNY 68.2 billion in infrastructure. Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (PowerChina) led BIM implementation and coordination for the 17 designers and two constructors working on multiple, interconnected projects in the region.

Using Bentley’s BIM solutions Huadong Engineering's daily management and coordination of BIM execution ensured that project participants leveraged the technology to solve the numerous challenges. Overlapping planning, geotechnical, and geographic 3D models of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone created a comprehensive digital model for use in checking construction work against the multi-discipline 3D design models. The 3D reality model of the construction zone also provided a GIS-based view for spatial coordination of projects.

BIM implementation provided unified technology standards that enabled disparate engineering teams to work more efficiently. Under the BIM strategy, 3D collaborative design workflows helped finalize the design schemes in 50 fewer days and saved more than CNY 21 million in averted rework. Bentley's BIM technology was utilized throughout the planning, design, geotechnical, and construction stages to deliver a comprehensive city model that will be used for lifecycle management of the municipal infrastructure.

ContextCapture created the reality mesh based on 35,000 photos of an 18-square-kilometer area. Inspection of the worksite through the reality mesh was five times more efficient, allowing 20 site visits per day, saving CNY 5 million. The 3D design models built with AECOsim Building Designer, Power InRoads, Bentley Substation, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, and other products reduced errors, omissions, collisions, and deficiencies. Navigator streamlined BIM reviews and issue resolution.

Project Playbook:
AECOsim Building Designer, Descartes, LumenRT, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ContextCapture, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRoads Navigator
  • Huadong Engineering used the BIM construction management platform to manage BIM application, collaboration, digital transfer, progress, quality, cost, and security.
  • ProjectWise reduced communication time and enhanced cooperation.
  • Qianhai Cooperation Zone's comprehensive 3D model combined planning, geotechnical, and geographic surveying and mapping information models.
  • Simulating construction sequences within project clusters lowered risk and avoided cost overruns in the condensed construction zone.
  • "Bentley's 3D digital technology platform eliminated the tough problems of overall technical and management planning for the Qianhai infrastructure construction project. By dealing with the error, omission, collision, and deficiency problems at the project planning and design stage, and by carrying out construction simulation in advance, we avoided the management and control risks and investment waste caused by imperfect design. We achieved digital engineering construction, laying a solid foundation for building 'Smart Qianhai.'"

    Jinfeng Wang IT Director Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited, PowerChina