• Highways England

    Network Occupancy Management System (NOMS)

    Strategic Road Network, England, United Kingdom

Project Summary

Highways England (HE) is a UK government-owned organization responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN). As part of its work, HE manages lane closures across the 4,300 miles of motorways and major trunk roads that make up the network, costing the country GBP 140.4 million annually. To manage closures more effectively and reduce associated costs, the organization needed a Network Occupancy Management System (NOMS) to integrate with all its asset lifecycle information. Using the solution, HE aims to reduce the number of lane closure events by 6,000 a month, optimizing stakeholder collaboration and communication across the business by mapping and visualizing maintenance closures and related assets.

The project team used Bentley’s AssetWise ALIM to develop NOMS, a cloud-based platform, to plan and manage road closure events. NOMS will enable HE’s asset managers to ensure that lane availability does not fall below the 97 percent for a rolling year its license to operate requires. Leveraging Bentley technology, NOMS is a core part of Highways England’s wider asset lifecycle information management solution and strategy. It will allow asset management teams to directly access and examine planned road closure events, reducing worker risk, costs, traffic disruption, and more.

Through NOMS, HE asset managers are able to share road closure events with local authorities and the traveling public across the United Kingdom, as well as visualize, for the first time, all planned road closures on a single map. NOMS has the potential to provide HE with a cost savings of GBP 7.02 million annually, with an ROI of 1,651 percent in the first year. In addition to reducing road closures by 3,600 per year, NOMS will also provide significant safety advantages for its workers, eliminating 14,400 hours of nighttime work on the SRN. The reduction in closures is also expected to deliver a positive environmental impact, saving approximately 10,824 tons of carbon emissions annually.

HE developed NOMS using Bentley’s AssetWise ALIM software, which increases efficiency through its ability to manage, control, distribute, and archive all types of information related to infrastructure assets. AssetWise ALIM allows asset managers to visualize all planned road closures; centrally manage and schedule operational, maintenance, and scheme activities; and make informed decisions to minimize the need for road closures.

Project Playbook: AssetWise ALIM
  • Asset managers can visualize all planned road closures and centrally manage and schedule operational, maintenance, and scheme activities.
  • By reducing the number of road closures by 3,600 per year, Highways England will save GBP 7.02 million for an ROI of 1,651 percent in the first year.
  • Reducing the number of road closures will limit the resource hours required to address maintenance issues by 14,400 hours.
  • By reducing traffic, NOMS expects to eliminate 10,824 tons of carbon emissions annually.
  • “Bentley’s NOMS solution is key to us integrating and sharing asset information, allowing Highways England to reap cohesive and comprehensive benefits while collaborating across the entire business.”

    Richard Arrowsmith Asset Information Group Leader Highways England