• DAVID Holding for Sofia Municipality

    Sofia Municipality Improves the Management of Street Lighting

    Sofia, Bulgaria

Project Summary

The Transport Infrastructure Department of Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria needed more accurate information on public road lighting assets, including their quantity and condition, so that employees could make better decisions regarding maintenance and replacement. A comprehensive inventory of available public lighting facilities was necessary after an analysis of current street lighting information proved it to be incomplete and insufficient. Therefore, management solicited bids for the development, implementation, and maintenance of a geographic information system (GIS) solution that would simplify the tracking, monitoring, and management of lighting assets.

Sofia Municipality selected DAVID Holding to develop its solution, which is based on Bentley’s OpenUtilities. It provided the ideal environment to develop a standards-based solution with required configuration. For example, DAVID Holding customized Bentley’s pre-configured electric data model, provided with OpenUtilities, to Sofia’s requirements, which saved time and reduced costs.

The project, which was completed in June 2016, has improved infrastructure management by streamlining the data acquisition process and making information about the street lighting infrastructure and its condition readily accessible to decision makers. These capabilities have enabled the municipality to maintain assets more effectively and at a lower cost, develop more accurate budgets, provide improved customer service, and make better informed decisions. For example, experts can easily identify and prioritize areas where old street lights should be replaced with LED street lights to reduce the environmental impact.

OpenUtilities helped reduce project time and delivery cost. Bentley’s pre-configured electric data model was easily customized to serve as the model for all street lighting infrastructure data. Bentley’s support of various data formats reduced the time needed for field data processing and database population. Use of .NET and VBA with the OpenUtilities’ APIs enabled the efficient development of unique functionality. And OpenUtilities supported the complex topology between objects, reducing the time needed for data creation, modification, and correction.

Project Playbook: OpenUtilities

  • The customized data model for street lighting data was based on Bentley’s pre-configured electric data model provided with OpenUtilities.
  • Bentley support for various data formats simplified data imports and reduced the time required for field data processing and database population.
  • Customization was facilitated by APIs provided with OpenUtilities, allowing the project team to develop required supplementary functionalities.
  • “Bentley OpenUtilities gave us the freedom to define a complex data model that best fit our needs. Moreover, OpenUtitlities technology enables every participant in the management of the infrastructure to use a single source of information, which significantly improves our work.”

    Petya Todorova Senior Expert DAVID Holding