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    Turcot Project, Design Build

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Project Summary

With a daily volume of more than 300,000 vehicles, the Turcot interchange is a major hub in Montreal, Canada, connecting three highways, serving as a vital link road from the city to the airport, and enabling easy access to the Champlain Bridge. Originally built over 45 years ago, the roadway needed renovation. This CAD$ 3.7 billion design-build project required WSP Canada (WSP) to design four highway interchanges, retaining walls, sewer pipes, a 350-meter-long suspension bridge, and 145 kilometers of roadway. With 13 different disciplines across Quebec working on a tight schedule, WSP needed collaborative modeling applications to meet the deliverables while maintaining rail line operations and traffic flow throughout the project.

WSP used MicroStation, OpenRoads, and ProjectWise to implement a multi-discipline collaborative design approach focused on efficiency. The interoperability of Bentley software enabled the team to establish seamless collaboration across 13 disciplines in different locations working on a shared platform to produce quality, timely deliverables. Using Bentley LumenRT, the team created 3D renderings to improve communication and accelerate decision making among stakeholders to keep the project on schedule.

Using ProjectWise to share documents and manage change in real time improved and accelerated the design process, reducing project delivery time while maintaining budget constraints. OpenRoads enabled the team to perform design activities that formerly required days of work in just hours. Integrating OpenRoads and MicroStation with ProjectWise allowed the team to transfer large files, considerably reducing the time needed to exchange information.

ProjectWise served as the common platform for the 13 disciplines across multiple locations, enabling designers to quickly, easily, and confidently exchange information and make changes in real time. Using OpenRoads products for 3D modeling, the team analyzed designs, created installation site lists, and accurately calculated material quantities. The application allowed WSP to rigorously check all engineering calculations optimizing the client’s and main contractor’s confidence in the design team. WSP used Bentley LumenRT to create 3D renderings and deliver a presentation to help participants and stakeholders better understand some of the project challenges.

  • Using Bentley LumenRT to create 3D renderings facilitated stakeholder understanding of project issues for timely, informed decision making.
  • ProjectWise served as the common data sharing platform among the 13 design disciplines spread throughout Quebec, and was key to the project’s success.
  • The compatibility of OpenRoads products and MicroStation with ProjectWise accelerated information mobility and improved design efficiency, enabling the team to timely meet an estimated 400 deliverables while maintaining budget on the CAD 3.7 billion project.
  • WSP used Bentley software to overcome complex technical and project management issues during the development of the Turcot roadway redesign and reconstruction in Montreal, Canada.
  • “The success of the Turcot interchange design-build megaproject relies on the mobilization of an extensive design team. We have managed to achieve this, mainly thanks to Bentley technology. The shared platform offered by ProjectWise helps us share documents quickly and in real time. InRoads and Bentley LumenRT have also become essential to ensure we produce high-quality deliverables.”

    Ricet Nadeau National Vice President PPP WSP Canada