OpenRoads provides surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities, and roadway design to support all stages of road design, from concept to construction. Conceptualize and analyze road designs in hours with OpenRoads ConceptStation. Then, move to detailed modeling of road networks with OpenRoads Designer and OpenRoads SignCAD. Here’s what’s new in OpenRoads.

Expanded production of digital deliverables

With OpenRoads, you can leverage the digital DNA in engineering digital twins to help advance BIM while also supporting the creation of all traditional and model-based design deliverables. With the new Asset Manager capability, you can now include component attribution to develop a more efficient, data-rich BIM deliverable and export digital deliverables, including IFC, to support BIM workflows. You can also publish iModel for iTwin Design Review and iTwin Services.

Asset manager
Provide component attribution with Asset Manager

Model earthworks to increase quantification accuracy

OpenRoads Designer is the only roadway design application to create a 3D cut and fill earthworks model that can be utilized as the digital twin to precisely calculate, visualize, and summarize cut and fill analysis. OpenRoads Designer’s unique modeling capabilities help enhance your earthwork and quantities workflows to maximize productivity and cost savings.

3D Earthwork
Calculate, visualize, and summarize project earthworks

Use new OpenRoads SignCAD application

With Bentley’s new OpenRoads SignCAD product, you can design accurate transportation signage in minutes using the thousands of standard traffic signs provided in the application. Components Center lets you have quick access to approved project content. Author signs in OpenRoads SignCAD and easily integrate with OpenRoads Designer to ensure that signage is included in your corridor designs.

3D Signage
Create and include 3D modeling of standard signage.

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