• Exor Network Manager - Dynamic transportation network infrastructure management

    Exor Network Manager

    Dynamic transportation network infrastructure management

Linear Transportation Network Management Software

Improve the efficiency of your transportation network infrastructure and save time as you model, manage, and maintain linear network information with Exor Network Manager. Manage multiple types of networks, such as distinct road classes, rail lines, drainage, pipelines, and utility networks in a single integrated database. Exor Network Manager helps you quickly and easily view network and asset data using multiple linear referencing methods within a single spatial database.
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    • Assess transportation infrastructure conditions
    • Manage planned transportation work
    • Query and view map assets
  • Assess transportation infrastructure conditions

    • ​Extract critical data, generated through your transportation inspection program, in order to assess conditions associated with all of your transportation assets. Easily find and extract the data required from your executive dashboard to quickly review critical information.
  • Manage planned transportation work

    • Manage planned transportation works while controlling costs, adhering to schedules, and ensuring good communication with constituents. Increase visibility to information and ensure compliance with government regulations while improving decision-making processes. 
  • Query and view map assets

    • Query and view map assets, activities, and events associated with the network using multiple linear referencing methods. Differentiate between road network elements to denote the highway type, such as if a highway is single, dual, divided, or multi-directional.
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