ContextCapture Center

4D Digital Context for Digital Twins

Generate digital context of unlimited scale for your projects

Capture, Analyze and Share Existing Conditions at City Scale

Better design, construct, operate, and collaborate

Automatically and quickly generate multi-resolution 3D models of unlimited size and precision

Generate 3D models of unlimited scale

Input unlimited data

Use an unlimited number of photographs and/or point clouds to generate 3D models of existing conditions.

Handle any size and precision

Produce multi-resolution meshes of unlimited scale and precision.

Deliver on time

Benefit from the fastest processing available today and leverage parallel processing by creating a farm of multiple engines to meet your most demanding deadlines.


Edit and Analyze Reality Data

Automate object or region classification

Benefit from 3D machine-learning technology to automatically detect, locate, and classify your reality data.


Quickly clean-up your reality meshes using easy-to-use touch-up tools


Enjoy precision analysis and measurement tools for your reality meshes.


Share Reality Data

Leverage interoperable formats

Produce 3D models in a full range of GIS formats to integrate them into any workflow.

Efficiently stream online

Produce multi-resolution meshes made of billions of triangles that are optimized for streaming and web publishing.

Improve collaboration

Instantly share and visualize 3D models with any stakeholder using a local viewer or upload your 3D models to the Bentley cloud for streaming for use in iTwin web apps.