• Forms

    Faster availability to higher-quality field data

Punch List and Reporting Cloud Service

Speed collaboration with the ability to collect, manage, view, and approve field data from almost any device or location. Increase data collection speed and quality with forms tailored to your project. Avoid project delays by making inspection reports, punch lists, and other field data viewable moments after completion. Make field data more actionable by enriching it with links to relevant design content, photo attachments, and geolocation data.
  • Collect and submit data from anywhere

    • Keep project workflows moving by ensuring field data can be collected and submitted from anywhere. Eliminate paper workflows and delays by using desktop, mobile, and Web clients to collect and submit data. Collect offline and submit when an internet connection becomes available.
  • Link field data to design content

    • Enable faster understanding of field data with links to related design content. Browse to any ProjectWise content repository, during or after collection, to reference folders, documents, drawings, and 3D models. Enrich data further with photos and geolocation data from your mobile device.
  • Manage and access data from anywhere

    • Ensure field data is available when and where it is needed by storing, managing, and accessing it in the cloud. Avoid data loss and reduce delays by ensuring field data is never trapped on one device. Quickly access data and identify incomplete collection tasks using a desktop, mobile, or Web client.
  • Publish data collection forms

    • Speed collection tasks, increase data quality, and ensure consistency with forms tailored to your project and organization. Use a flexible form designer and form templates to create forms with drop-downs, radio buttons, and other simple controls. Share and reuse forms across projects.
  • Review audit trails

    • Reduce contract risk with the ability to prove the who, what, and when of every field data collection, submission, and approval. Increase data integrity with a complete digital audit trail detailing the collection and submission details as well as subsequent edits and actions.
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