BCDE 7.4

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BCDE is a Common Data Environment (CDE) or Document and Information Management System for projects and assets for the full lifecycle: from design, through build and into operations and maintenance. Business Collaborator operates to multiple standards enabling information to be delivered to ISO 19650, BS 1192 and PAS 1192 processes and more.

BCDE 7.4 delivers pivotal enhancements to portals, maps and user experience configurability. The clean and simple ‘Quartz’ user interface is now more streamlined and configurable than ever before, enhancing user experience and system administration facilitating the improved delivery of project and asset information.

Version 7.4 brings the following major enhancements to BCDE:

  • Additional Maps and GeoLink features including support for ESRI ArcGIS.
  • Quartz user interface enhancements improve navigation and user orientation. (see more below)
  • Portlet configuration and customization enhancements give you increased control over how information is presented. (see more below)
  • Auto filing from a Space (see more below)
  • Space specific roles and sending to roles for information simplifies starters and leavers processes.
  • Improvements to advanced search functionality bring greater end user benefits via Saved Searches.
  • Importing document Placeholders from a CSV streamlines deliverables management. (see more below)
  • Web service (REST API) enhancements.
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Quartz UI Improvements to Home, Hubs and Spaces now support Themes

Hubs and Spaces now show themes based upon their Schema Classification or Schema/Sub-schema. This helps users understand their context throughout the system and easily delineate between Projects, Programmes, Assets, Locations, etc.


Portlet Configuration allows Home, Hubs and Space custom Views

Out of the box BCDE comes with built-in Views such as Listing, Dashboard and Map. In version 7.4 it is possible to add additional custom Views. A custom View can show an additional set of portlets in a desired layout. Custom Views may be configured for the Home, a Hub or Spaces.


Auto Filing from a Space

Dragging and dropping files directly into a Space may be configured to initiate the Auto filing process. Documents will be filed according to their name and the rules defined on the server. You will be warned if the name of the Documents you are uploading conflicts with the Space you are attempting to upload them to.


Import many Placeholders from a CSV file

Importing Placeholders from a CSV makes it simple to create a set of information requirements or bring information across from another system in a controlled manner. Add up to 1,000 Placeholders in a single go and set their metadata.

More usability improvements include:

  • The left-hand panel has been split into a set of tabs, including My Spaces, Layers and the new Legend tab.

  • The Colors of the map pins are now dictated by the Theme set for the Schema Classification/Schema/Sub-schema for each Space. The Legend tab indicates the meaning of each color.

  • Pins are clustered together when zoomed out and there are many close together. The selected panel has been overhauled to show many selected items with greater clarity.




Sync efficiently and securely transfers larger documents and their data from one server to another, helping support information management processes such as ISO 19650