• Bentley AXSYS.Process

    Better FEED with lower costs

2D Conceptual Plant Design Software

Quickly deliver optimal 2D conceptual process plant designs with Bentley AXSYS.Process. Efficiently execute your front-end engineering design with a comprehensive change management system to easily develop and compare many alternatives. Reduce lifecycle costs by integrating with Bentley PlantWise to validate designs using realistic 3D plant models.
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  • Define and manage plant objects

    • ​Reduce errors with intelligent design modeling of piping components and other plant equipment. Extend the capabilities of the software by defining your own tagging convention. Manage and access your plant objects effectively to streamline workflows.
  • Design 2D plant schematic model

    • ​Quickly generate data-driven plant diagrams with a comprehensive change management system. Utilize intelligent plant schematics that include process industry practices (PIP) standards, Kraftwerks Kennzeichnungs System (KKS) standards, imperial, metric, and mixed metric. Create multiple project types to support multiple industries. ​
  • Generate process flow diagrams

    • ​Ensure accuracy by employing rules to automatically generate process flow diagrams as well as piping and instrumentation diagrams. Quickly configure and extend these diagrams to include specific graphical symbols and associated data.
  • Integrate schematic and physical plant models

    • ​Generate piped drawings based on user rules that reflect the physical plant model. These easily configurable drawings contain a comprehensive symbols library and associated data.​
  • Manage plant design data

    • ​Seamlessly integrate with other plant design management applications via project databases. Use a database environment for plant design data across the project team.
  • Perform collaborative plant engineering

    • ​Interoperability ensures plant design data and construction deliverables are available anytime for project team members to quickly find, share, and use. The collaborative environment allows users to check out model components, make updates, and check them in.​
  • Perform front-end engineering design

    • Evaluate additional front-end engineering designs (FEED) faster and more thoroughly to find the most cost-effective case. Reduce lifecycle costs by integrating Bentley AXSYS.Process with Bentley PlantWise to compare and assess designs.​​
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