• CUBE Access

    Design, evaluate, and prioritize transportation and economic development project mobility systems

CUBE Access

Investment Prioritization through the Measurement of Accessibility

CUBE Access is the perfect application to score and understand your community’s accessibility to employment opportunities, daily errands, and public services. Accessibility to valued destinations drives land values, spurs local businesses, and improves health. It is also the most important indicator of the value offered by proposed transportation investments and economic development plans to a community. Accessibility quantifies how well our transportation-land use system responds to the needs of our residents, businesses, and visitors.

CUBE Access is an extension to ESRI’s ArcGIS, commonly used by many urban and transportation planners throughout the world. It adds a multimodal transportation data model to ArcGIS and leverages CUBE's multimodal modeling capabilities to make the design and measurement of transportation and economic development plans simple and straightforward. CUBE Access calculates indices of accessibility through the multimodal transportation network, versus more simple calculations done by other software products, and produces high-quality maps to visualize the results. These functions provide an accurate and clear understanding of the real-world ability of projects and plans to improve resident’s ability to reach employment opportunities, conduct their daily activities, and access public services. 

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  • Calculate Access Scores

    • Calculate separate scores by mode of transportation or combine into an overall access score.
  • Calculate Multi-modal Accessibility

    • Calculate accessibility via walking, biking, using public transportation or automobiles.
  • Perform Simple Scenario Planning

    • Quickly test and compare proposed changes to your city’s transportation and land use.
  • Visualize Project Impacts

    • With access scores, compare and visualize transportation impacts across demographic groups and different neighborhoods. Document economic growth drivers in a region and potential opportunities for transit-oriented development.
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