PLAXIS Designer

3D Geotechnical Conceptual Modeler

Reduce design and analysis time, and create stunning client visuals.

Advance Design to Analysis

PLAXIS Designer conceptual models can be exported to PLAXIS 3D LE, PLAXIS 2D LE, and PLAXIS 2D numerical modeling modules for analysis in the areas of slope stability, stress/deformation, consolidation, and groundwater.

Create Stunning Client Visuals

3D conceptual designs can be captured for display to clients and review of potential designs.

Determine Construction Sequences and Volume Calculations

Generate construction sequences by building layers of material to create roads, embankments, earth dams, or user-defined shapes. Calculate volumes of material to aid in planning.


Starting At $3,010

PLAXIS Designer


Easily Import Boreholes

Import lithology data from a CSV file or a gINT database into PLAXIS Designer. Start with borehole data and generate analysis results. Create boreholes manually or from import via gINT database or CSV file.


Integrate Field Data

Integrated field data, such as piezometer data, can be pulled from various cloud platforms to display piezometer locations and water levels as a function of time.

You’re In Good Company

Ken Mercer, Ph.D., Mining Engineer

3rd Rock Consulting

PLAXIS Designer has some fantastic features for rapidly and easily building and editing 3D open pit models that have complex geology. Not only that, but these 3D models can be used to automatically generate and solve any number of 2D limit equilibrium models, which is an industry game changer!

Scott T. Anderson, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

HDR Engineering

The combination of Bentley geotechnical products helped us deliver what the California Department of Water Resources asked for in their proposal. The unique features available in PLAXIS Designer and PLAXIS LE helped us deliver a high-quality project from start to finish.

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