• OpenGround Cloud

    Increase the Value of Your Geotechnical Data

OpenGround Cloud

Project team dynamics and the tools they require are changing rapidly. Use OpenGround® Cloud, Bentley's secure enterprise cloud collaboration platform for geotechnical data management, to empower teams with access to current and historical project data in a dynamic cloud-based environment. You can give secure and restricted access to federated data, across any connected application, on any device, for improved reliability and project efficiency.

OpenGround Cloud offers a complete solution for planning, data entry, borehole log production, lab data management, reporting, visualization and more. Improve collaboration for better, data-informed decisions among all contributors to a project and significantly increase the value of your geotechnical data.

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  • Accelerate Collaboration

    • Provide teams across the supply chain with controlled access to a single source of truth to significantly increase collaboration and efficiency.  Improved access and reliability, afforded by connected applications, saves time and money in the planning, design, analysis, construction, and operation of infrastructure assets.
  • Access Reporting Anywhere

    • Build log, section, site plan and data analysis reports using best practices to streamline production with any device. Establish enterprise wide reporting and integrate digital workflows to streamline report production.
  • Centralize Information

    • Enable your organization to store your site investigation archive in a single spatially aware, geotechnical repository. Centralizing all your geotechnical project data makes access and usage easier for all collaborators. Accessing all past and current project data mitigates geotechnical risk.
  • Collect Data Digitally in Many Ways

    • Enter site investigation data with OpenGround Cloud Data Collector to avoid costly data error or incomplete data capture. This mobile solution is designed for the field and saves time by avoiding re-keying of data.
  • Connect to Bentley Ecosystem

    • Maximize the potential of your geotechnical data with our wide array of apps developed for OpenGround Cloud. Use our Professional, Data Entry, and Data Collector apps or connect throughout the Bentley Ecosystem for improved digital workflows and efficiency.
  • Deploy Standardization

    • Standardize field data collection, office data entry, reports, and storing and accessing geotechnical information. Streamline quality assurance and quality control through common digital workflows. Use best practices to share workload across teams and locales.
  • Enable Digital Workflows

    • Simplify and Integrate your data entry and improve data reliability by entering it only once onsite or in the office. Instant access to your data in other apps will transform your geotechnical workflows and efficiency.
  • Integrate with other Enterprise Platforms

    • Extend the reach and value of your geotechnical data by connecting your OpenGround Cloud with your other enterprise systems. State-of-the-art REST API will allow your teams to connect your geotechnical data warehouse to Web GIS, Microsoft Power BI and more.
  • Simplify IT Requirements

    • Easily deploy a set of geotechnical capabilities and tools across your offices, giving your team continuous access to the latest versions. OpenGround Cloud, a fully-managed service, can rapidly scale to meet your evolving data access requirements without the overhead of managing complex on-premise IT infrastructure.
  • Stay in Control of your Data

    • Ensure your data is available to your teams at the right time. Project-level and role-based access provides more tailored options to meet your needs. OpenGround Cloud is built to meet evolving security best practices.
  • Streamline 3D Visualizations

    • OpenGround Cloud integrates directly with many applications for improved visualization and analysis. No matter what systems your team are using, OpenGround Cloud can streamline your geotechnical workflow. MicroStation, Excel, Bentley Open applications, AutoCAD, PLAXIS, and SOILVISION can also be connected together with other apps using the web-based API.
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