iTwin Platform Services

Open APIs and libraries help you develop digital twin applications for project teams, contractors, and owner-operators to create, visualize, and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets.


Align and Aggregate Data

iModel Management

Engineering information aggregation, change ledgers and iTwin connectors.


Cloud-based, scalable synchronization of engineering data into an iTwin, supporting an evergreen digital twin.

Reality Data Share

Generate, edit, store, and share engineering-ready 3D reality meshes from images and/or point cloud data.

Align and aggregate iTwin data

Visualize Digital Twins of Any Size


Web-based and mobile iTwin visualization anytime and anywhere, without specialized software. Visualization is possible for any size, including very large models with high performance. Visualization is available in any environment—web, desktop, mobile, and mixed reality.

Visualize iTwin

Start Building Your Digital Twin App Today.

Accelerate application development to solve data integration, visualization, change tracking, security, and other challenges.

Interrogate and Interact with Digital Twin

Issue Resolution

Create and manage geo-located issues associated with the components in an iTwin.


Create property-based data validation tests for information stored in an iModel.

Version compare

Compare the differences between two named versions of an iModel.

Clash Detection

Hard and soft clash analysis between 3D objects stored in in an iTwin, as well as suppression rule support.

Visualize iTwin

Create and Share Insights


Provides the ability to create user defined digital twin reporting solutions, including Microsoft Power BI integration for self-service analytics.

Create and share iTwin insights

Other Services Available to Support Your Development.

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