The cutting-edge solution of 4D digital construction in mixed reality for Microsoft HoloLens.

Royal BAM Group is discussing the value of mixed reality in construction.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

SYNCHRO XR is a 4D digital construction application for reviewing and interacting with models and schedules in mixed reality.

Users can collaboratively interact with the 4D construction model aligned in physical space, using intuitive gestures to plan, visualize, validate, track, and experience construction sequencing on the jobsite.

SYNCHRO XR for HoloLens 2 is available now! Check out the new features.


Be among the first to experience the advantages of this new medium for construction.

View your 4D model on site, aligned at real scale, and watch a simulation of upcoming work. Use the same view to measure installed objects, as well as check and record the status of tasks, which can then be synchronized with the SYNCHRO Workgroup. Review the construction plan and progress by interacting with a multi-use at table scale.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program

Bentley's SYNCHRO Construction team is proud to be working with Microsoft as part of their Mixed Reality Partner Program. We joined them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to showcase our SYNCHRO XR application as part of the launch of HoloLens 2.


Product Capabilities

Rehearsals and Two-week Look-aheads

Experience a real-scale, animated simulation of planned work while looking at the physical space in which that work will be completed, giving unique insight for planning and managing safety.

Synchronize with .SP Files

Once reviewed and submitted, task and resource statuses are synchronized with the SYNCHRO 4D model. Anyone with permission can access the schedule updates in near-real-time, ensuring the entire delivery team is informed and productivity is maximized.

Connects directly to SYNCHRO

The updates can be pushed to cloud services through SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP), and the HoloLens can receive the latest model before any reviewing takes place, whether during a meeting in advance or at the jobsite.

Status Resources

Users can also compare recently completed work directly with the model at a 1:1 scale and record the status directly in HoloLens. Real-world objects can be measured in mixed reality. Reviewing in this way is easier and more accurate, and the data sent back to the model keeps it up-to-date for the whole team.

Shared View for Planning Meetings

The 4D model and animations, or relevant filtered parts of them, can also be viewed and interacted with at table-scale. People can walk around the model and interact with it together, for example moving objects, in a 360-degree, multi-user experience. This more immersive visualisation creates an engaging space for collaboration and better understanding of the work and project schedule.

How to get started with SYNCHRO XR

To use SYNCHRO XR on your construction project, you will need your 4D model shared in the SYNCHRO Workgroup project (SWP). A license of SWP is required to access your data. Find out more about SYNCHRO XR by signing up for a detailed walkthrough.

SYNCHRO XR for HoloLens 2

View your 4D SYNCHRO Pro model in mixed reality in the HoloLens, including animations of scheduled work. Filter for specific time periods, areas of the project, or by trade according to your needs. Track progress directly from HoloLens 2 and sync updates back to the schedule in SYNCHRO Pro to keep your entire team informed and updated.

Download the SYNCHRO XR app on your HoloLens 2 for free, or find out how to purchase a HoloLens 2 from Microsoft.

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project

SYNCHRO Workgroup Project (SWP)

To view your 4D model on HoloLens 2, you need to use SYNCHRO Workgroup Project.

SWP is a database server for your SYNCHRO 4D model in cloud services. Multiple SYNCHRO Pro users can edit the model, and applications like SYNCHRO XR and SYNCHRO Site, as well as third-party applications, can connect securely via the API to view and update the model.

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